I don’t know about you, but I am exhausted after the summer ‘break’. Like many of you I’m a full time working Mum so the summer holiday shuffle – as I call it – has taken its toll AND made me realise I am at the very bottom of my priority list. The boss & work, the kids, the partner, the extended family and friends all get looked after/sorted out/helped/cuddled/whatever they need before I get a look in. The upshot is I’m not operating at my best and I need to address that – I suspect almost everyone who is reading this is the same. I think the very nature of our job and the fact we’re ‘doers and fixers’ means we just keep going and never stop to think about ourselves, but we need to, not least because it’ll make for a better us!

A big part of me waking up and smelling the coffee was seeing the image below on the Travelodge LinkedIn page – there’s loads of great content on there, well worth a visit, particularly on this theme of helping yourself. Why not make the first thing you do for you, is set aside 10 minutes a day to read a blog or article that ISN’T about work or school or your next chore?

Here is a great place to start… 

I really am trying to embrace all of this every day to make for a better me AND to make sure I get a look in…

Give something back

Well, I definitely have this covered! As mentioned I am 100% give – if anything I need to be a little bit less. But of course, this is about doing stuff beyond your duty and genuinely selflessly. It’s a great feeling and actually helps with number 2…


This is so easy to do and really does make a difference. Yesterday I was having a shocker (I won’t bore you with the details but it was one of ‘those’ days) and smiling was NOT on my radar but as soon as I made myself do it, I really did feel much more capable of dealing with everything. And I did.

Enjoy Natural Light

We’ve all been there – sit down at your desk at 8:30 and before you know it it’s 4:45 and you’ve barely moved, let alone got outside. Having made myself take 15 minutes of fresh air as often as I can for the last week, I can tell you it really does help – I’m sure my productivity has gone up and I definitely have a spring in my step.

Do Some Exercise

This is probably the hardest one for me – not because I don’t want to but I just don’t ever seem to have the time (or that’s my excuse!) but I’ve been making myself and again, I think it’s really helped. All I’m doing is 7 minutes, most days, in the morning – I’ve downloaded an app, called 7MWC to my phone and you’ll find me jumping around like a loon in my lounge at 6:30. I really do recommend it.

Be Grateful

Being an all round nicer person than me, my best friend has helped me with this one – she has a ‘Gratitude Jar’ that she adds to every day,  simply by writing on a piece of paper something that she’s grateful for that day. I’ve just started, and I must admit sometimes it’s hard to think of anything but when you put your mind to it, we’ve all got loads to be grateful for, and acknowledging it is really enlightening and uplifting.

So folks, please give yourself a bit of time and attention – I promise it really does make for a better you!

You think you know Travelodge?

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