For Assistants, the time they spend with their Executive in a one to one setting is so necessary and enables them to get on with all the tasks that require just that little bit of input from their boss. But, as I’ve heard many many times, there are lots of you out there who do not get one to one time or you have ad hoc meetings as and when you can squeeze five minutes into a packed schedule. Or, as I’ve also heard you don’t get any time with your Executive and you are left without a clue about certain tasks and how to proceed. So, today I thought I would share with you the 6 things to stop doing in your one to one meetings with your boss.

6 things to stop doing in your one to one

  1. Stop calling it a one to one. This is my first and very important point. The one to one should be used to update your Executive on work in progress and tasks that require their input. You know how precious their time is so why call the meeting a one to one when it is actually a meeting about business-critical decisions. Change the name of the meeting to ‘business update’ will show the importance of the meeting in your Executive’s diary.
  2. Stop making it about you. Once you have changed the name of the meeting, it is time to change the tone of the meeting. This time should not be used to catch up on how you are feeling about work, or your career development (you should have separate quarterly meetings about that). Instead, use this time to work through the urgent matters that are critical to you and to your Executive. The meeting should be structured, professional and thorough.
  3. Stop trying to get through everything on your to-do list. You should have a minimum of half an hour a day with your Executive to go through the most important things on your list. Before going into the meeting, think about what the essential messages are that you need to give to your Executive and what do you need from them. You shouldn’t bombard them with every little detail or every task that requires their attention. Some things can wait and some things are not urgent at that given point in time. Think about the overall objectives for that week and month. What is required to move those forward?
  4. Stop sitting back and letting your Executive control the meeting. This is your meeting so make sure you participate. What do you want from the meeting? What information do you need to take your tasks forward? You work together in a partnership so you need decisions and details from each other to progress your work. obviously, there will be times that you are a sounding board for your Executive, and that is great. Make sure you judge each meeting on their
  5. Stop leaving without any actions. If your Executive is in full flow, giving you more work. It can be hard to stop them before the meeting is over and asking for their decision on something. Use your judgement. Sometimes the work that you need just isn’t as important. But, if it is. Make sure you ask the question and get the decision you need to action the task. if it is business critical to you. Ask the question!
  6. Stop taking the meeting out of the diary. My final point. When your Executive already has a packed schedule it can be the easiest thing in the world to take your meeting out of the diary. Do not do this! It devalues the necessary time you need with your Executive and it devalues your work. So stop doing it!

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6 things to stop doing in your one to one

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