Now I know not everyone uses Apple products, but a lot of you do, and a lot of your Executive’s do too. So I thought I would share some great hacks that I have found, which will help you get the most from your iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches and Macs. These 40 Apple hacks for Assistants will make you more productive, and they will make you look like a total tech genius in front of your Executive and your colleagues.

40 Apple hacks for Assistants

Apple Mac 

  1. Use ‘Command-Y’ to access QuickLook
  2. To get your Mac to open before you get into the office go to System Preferences > Entergy Saver > Schedule. Select the time you need for the Mac to start up or wake, make sure the Mac is connected to a power supply.
  3. If you open the same apps every day, save yourself some time by setting up your preferences so that the apps open when you start the Mac. TO do this go to System Preferences > Users & Groups > Select your USER ID > Select LOGIN ITEMS > Click the lock icon > enter your admin password > drag and drop the app icons into your STARTUP ITEMS.
  4. If you have documents that you use every day, why not add a folder to your Mac with the documents inside? Then add that folder to the top of your desktop so that you can easily access it? To do this go to your Preferences > Advanced > ‘Keep folder on top when sorting by name.’
  5. If you have not used Siri on your Mac yet, now is the time. It is super helpful for a whole number of functions including opening Apps, finding files and documents and, if synced with your phone, send messages to your contacts. If you are not sure about all of the functions available, you can ask Siri to tell you by saying ‘Siri, what can I ask you to do?’
  6. Command+Shift+T will open the last closed tab (if you accidentally shut it down).
  7. To split your screen so that you can see two different windows or documents click and hold the green button in the upper left of the application window and drag it to the side you want it to appear. Repeat this action with the additional windows/documents.
  8. I love this tip. If you use shared printers in your office, you can create a printer pool in your settings which will then automatically send your printing to the first available printer. To do this go to Preferences > Printers & Scanners > Highlight all of the printers in your office > Create Printer Pool > Give the Pool a name.
  9. Command+Shift+4 will allow you to screenshot anything on your screen.
  10. If you can’t see your desktop because you have a load of apps open just press Command+Option and then click in any part of your desktop and all the apps will minimise.

Apple iPhone

  1. Instead of sending a call that you can not answer to voicemail, why not send the caller a message that explains why you are unavailable? The iPhone already has default messages such as ‘Sorry, I can’t talk right now’ or ‘I’m on my way’. To access these simply press the message button above the ‘slide to answer’ button. If you would like to write your own messages, go to Settings > Phone > respond with text.
  2. To quickly access your camera from the lock screen, simply swipe right.
  3. On iPhone 7 and newer models, you can use ‘force touch’ to quickly access a function menu on apps. For example, if you press down harder on the camera app, a small menu will appear that lets you select ‘take a selfie’, or ‘record video’.
  4. If you can’t answer a call, you can remind yourself to call back within an hour, when you leave the place that you are in, or when you get home (if you have set this up on your phone).
  5. To take a picture while you are recording a video just press the white photo icon on the screen to take a quick snap.
  6. Most of you will know that you can give each of your contacts their own custom ringtone (hello, boss!) but you can also give each contact their own custom vibration. To do this go to your contact > edit > vibration > create new vibration. You can then tap out a new vibration, which you can save and select for that particular contact.
  7. If you are going to be away from a power supply for a while, it is well worth turning on the low power mode to save your battery. To do this go to Settings > Battery > Low Power Mode
  8. To customise what you can see in your control centre go to Settings > Control Centre > Customise Control. Or swipe to the end of your control centre and press edit.
  9. To set up Do Not Disturb while driving go to your Settings > Do Not Disturb > Activate.
  10. If you have scrolled through a long document or through a ton of images on Instagram, to return to the top of the app just tap on the top of the iPhone screen and the application will return to the top. Easy!

Apple iPad

  1. A lot of people use iPads to read large documents. However, not many people know that you can set the iPad up to read the document to you. To enable this feature go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Speak Selection > On. To activate the setting. Go to your document, select the text, and you will see in the menu the option to have the words read aloud.
  2. To view two apps at the same time, you can use the split-screen function. Open one app and then swipe up from the bottom of the screen, this will bring up the dock, tap your second app and drag it to the right of the screen. This will bring up both apps next to each other.
  3. To minimise an email just press down on the ‘new message’ bar until you can move the message, pull it down into the right-hand corner of the screen. The message will minimise and stay here until you are ready to open it again.
  4. To make iPad navigation easier, enable the ‘multitasking’ function in the general settings. This allows you to do some different things with your fingers including pinching the screen to go back to the home screen, swiping upright with two fingers to bring up the App switcher or dragging apps from left to right to close them.
  5. The Duet Display App ($19.99) can be used to turn your iPad into a second screen display for your Mac or your PC.
  6. Turn your keyboard into a trackpad by touching two fingers down on the keyboard. When you scroll through an app, like Mail, for example, the cursor moves with you.
  7. To split the keyboard on an Ipad pull the keyboard apart with two fingers. This gives you space to hold the iPad and type with your thumbs.
  8. You can remotely wipe all of the data from your iPad by going into your iCloud account and deleting all of the files and data.
  9. If you need to see a full website (rather than the scaled down mobile-friendly version) on your iPad hold down the refresh button on the Safari address bar and you will see a button labelled ‘request desktop site’. This will bring you the full version of the website.
  10. You can set up a notification which will tell you when one of your VIP contacts has sent you a message or email (helpful to keep on top of everything that comes in from your Executive). To enable this add the person to your contacts. Type their name into an email and select the ‘Add to VIP’ option when it appears.

Apple Watch

  1. To customise your dock so that you see your most used apps, click the side button three times, then touching each app, select ‘keep in dock’.
  2. To view the time on your watch discreetly, twist the digital crown, and it will slowly brighten the screen for you to see the time without lifting your wrist.
  3. To take a screenshot of your phone, hold down the digital crown and the action button. The image is saved to your camera roll on your iPhone.
  4. To unlock your Mac with your Apple watch, firstly, make sure that both devices are using the same iCloud account. Go to your Mac, select System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. In this ta,b you will be able to select Apple Watch to unlock Mac.
  5. To customise how and when you can wake-up your screen go to General > Wake Screen. Depending on the setting, you can raise your wrist to see the last app you had open.
  6. Did you know from Series 2 onwards the Apple Watch is waterproof? To release any pesky water still lurking in the watch merely go to the Control Centre, press the ‘water droplet icon’. You then are told to twist the digital crown to release the excess water.
  7. If you have lost your iPhone, you can use your Apple Watch to find it by going to the Control Centre > Ping iPhone. The LED light on your iPhone will start to flash.
  8. To send a call from your watch to your iPhone, simply swipe upwards to send the call across.
  9. If you are in a meeting and do not want notifications to sound, you can activate the ‘cover to mute’ setting in the Sound and Haptics Settings. Then place the palm of your hand over the Watch to enable the setting.
  10. To view your upcoming meetings scroll through the digital crown. This action does need to be set up. Firstly make sure you have the calendar features on the Apple Watch and then head to Clock Settings > Time Travel. Turn this feature on.

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