There are loads of brilliant websites out there that are so hidden in the depths of the internet they are impossible to find, but when you stumble upon them they change your life! This is what today’s blog post is all about. I am continually looking and researching things on the internet to help simplify my life, and today I want to share 20 websites that will help any business. These websites solve so many common problems that Assistants have to solve for their Executives and their organisations. I’ve done all the research so that you don’t have to!

20 websites that will help any business

  1. Fax Zero: This website lets you send faxes across the USA and Canda using their online platform. They also have an international version.
  2. Boxoh: This platform lets you track any shipment package on Google Maps.
  3. ScribbleMaps: Have you ever wanted to add your markers and directions onto Google Maps? Google Maps doesn’t let you, right? Well, this platform does.
  4. Printfriendly: Let’s you print any webpage without any of the adverts or clutter.
  5. Cloudconvert: This platform allows you to convert any file to any other format for free with an immediate download.
  6. Online Video Converter: Have you ever needed to download a YouTube Video into an MP4 file? This website does just that and a whole load more for free.
  7. Zoom: Free and easy online video conferencing platform. It is an easy setup, you can record the conversation, and you don’t need to download any software.
  8. Canva: Do you need to create any images for your organisation or their social media platforms? This is the website for you.
  9. Handy website if you want to send secure short messages to someone. The message is sent and then deletes itself as soon as it has been read.
  10. Ever been given a tool or product and ask to set it up? With no more information than that? This website collects all the manuals for a whole ton of products. You can download the entire manual or just the pages that you need.
  11. This platform lets you easily check the speed of your internet connection.
  12. This is a great website to find stock images for free, there are loads and loads.
  13. Timezone Ninja: If you need to work out the best time for a meeting taking place across multiple time zones. This is the website for you!
  14. Need to time yourself doing something? Or someone else? This website sets a simple timer on your browser.
  15. Designing organisational charts can be a total pain. This website lets you draw easy wireframes, workflows, organisational charts and flowcharts.
  16. I use this website all the time. Wetransfer lets users safely transfer large files over the internet. Safe, secure and very reliable.
  17. This is where you can see a history of all of your Google searches. Scary stuff!
  18. A fantastic platform to create videos out of pictures, text, voiceovers and loads more features. I use this one a lot and find it simple but really effective.
  19. whereami: Find the postal address of your current location, including postcode. Handy for organising deliveries at venues.
  20. Convert any unit into something else, shoe sizes and lots of other measurements.

Boom! 20 websites that will help any business!