10 tools to help you work remotely

I’ve spent quite a bit of time recently looking at how many Assistants are now working remotely or working with a remote boss and I can tell you there are a lot of you managing this new way of working. It is pretty much the norm now, so I thought I would share with you 10 tools to help you work remotely.

These tools are super helpful in an office environment but come into their own when you are not in constant contact with your Executive or your team. 10 tools to help you work remotely

1. Slack

Slack is fast becoming the number one tool for collaboration amongst teams. It allows you to forgo email for a more informal chat environment and with a huge amount of integrations it is easy to see why so many offices are adopting this technology. For remote workers, this is an easy way to stay up to date with projects and easily contact your colleagues.

2. WiFi Map

Every remote worker is going to need to know where to find the nearest WiFi point. Yes, it is great if you have a home office set up with super duper WiFi but a lot of us like to sometimes head out into the big world and work from a cafe. This app quickly identifies the nearest wifi point so that you can grab a coffee and see other people!

3. Zoom

I love Zoom because it is really easy to use and it always works without a hitch. It is an online video conferencing software that allows you to make a quick video-conferencing call. You can also use Zoom to arrange large-scale meetings and webinars. For the basic set up it is free.

4. Google Docs

What I love about Google Docs is the ability to work on a document in real time, so if your Executive is in the office and you are at home you can both sit in front of the same document and make changes to it in real time. Which means, no more back and forth over email.

5. Figureitout Chrome Extension

Another favourite of mine. You can use this extension as your homepage so that you always know what time it is in the different parts of the world that your remote workers live in or are working from. This makes it really easy to set up the right meeting at the right time.

6. Trello

Another go-to product for project management and tracking tasks with remote workers. Trello is again the leading collaboration tool for small to medium sized businesses so well worth taking a look at if you are not familiar with this tool.

7. iDoneThis

This is a great tool if you want to (or your Executive wants to) keep an eye on what your remote team are doing and what they have accomplished.

8. Dropbox

My favourite cloud storage system. If you work remotely or your Executive does, you will need to have access to a cloud storage system. Dropbox is so easy to use and set up and totally secure.

9. Chimp or Champ

Working remotely can make it difficult to know how things are going and if the staff are happy. This tool is designed to get quick feedback on how remote workers are feeling about their role and their happiness level. This is a great tool if your Executive doesn’t have much face to face time with you or their team.

10. Take a Break Please

Last but not least a tool that makes you stop and take a break during the day. When you work remotely it can be really easy to just work and work and work. This tool literally makes you take a break!