Starting your own VA business and becoming a VA may currently be a dream for you, but you can easily make it your new reality, if you’re willing to put in the focus, time and effort. However, before you make the decision to make a leap to self-employment and your new VA business, you need to take time to consider these 10 things:

#1: Where will you work from?

You need a space from which to run your VA business. Ideally, you need a room to yourself, but if this isn’t feasible, where can you set up shop? Where will afford you a dedicated space with minimal distractions?

#2: How will you fund your start-up phase?

Ideally, you’ll want six months’ worth of your salary saved up, to help tide you over, but this isn’t always possible. Maybe you have a savings plan or redundancy money set aside? Could you continue to work fulltime, whilst you set up your business?

#3: What hours will you work?

It’s important to have a clear indication of the working pattern you’d like to implement – both in terms of days per week and the hours each day. Do you have to work around school or nursery times? Maybe you’d like to go part-time, whilst you’re still working full or part-time in your existing role?

#4: What is your driving force behind becoming a VA?

This will keep you focused and motivated, when first starting out and when times may seem tough – it’s your reason for becoming a VA. What is it that you’re looking to achieve and why?

#5: What type of clients will you work with?

Get clear on the type of business you want to work with. Are you looking to work with small business owners or medium sized businesses? What type of niche are you looking to get into?

#6: Who is your ideal client?

You’ve considered the more general aspects of your client – now break it down further and decide who your ideal client is. What type of person are they? Do you know the demographics of this person? Get specific and really narrow down who your ideal client is.

#7: Where will you find them?

Next, decide how you’re going to get in front of them. Can you find them on social media, or will you need to go offline? What platforms and/or groups and forums do they frequent?

#8: What services do they need, that you can provide?

What needs does your ideal client have? Are they looking to get organised, gain back time or get help in neglected areas of their business? What are they desperate for help in their business?

#9: How much time will you give yourself to set up, prior to leaving your existing job?

It’s never a good idea to instantly leave your full-time employed job, unless you’re in a position where there’s no other option. So, how much time will you give yourself, to implementing your business and becoming a VA, prior to handing in your notice? Are you looking to cut down your hours to part-time and ease yourself into your new business gently? What are your plan and when do you want to implement them by?

#10: What skills and traits do you already have, that will enhance your VA business?

Finally, what skills, traits, experiences and attributes will stand you in good stead for becoming a VA? What makes you the best person for your clients? Do you have existing training that will help? How about past job roles, experiences and training? What about your personality – are you dependable, friendly, fluent in other languages etc?

Making the leap from employed to self-employed can be a big step to take. Therefore, it’s so important to consider the points above, prior to making your next move towards becoming a VA. That way, you can ensure you’re starting off on the best possible footing – and giving your business the best chance of success.

This guest post is written by Amanda Johnson from VACT

Amanda Johnson of VACT Limited, is a Virtual Assistant Coach, Trainer and Mentor offering a variety of courses and workshops, both free and paid to help both aspiring, new and experienced Virtual Assistants to launch, create and grow their own successful VA business.  Passionate about “Creating Exceptional VA’s”, All of the VACT training courses and mentoring options, are designed to support and fit around you, your current work commitments, your individual circumstances and your budget.  VACT Limited were named as the “The Best VA Training Provider – 2016”.   This is how Amanda describes what she does:  “I’m passionate about creating exceptional VA’s – I am at my happiest when I am inspiring, challenging and supporting others” (and there might be a bit of xxx kicking in there too!)