For those of you who don’t know the World Administrators Summit is taking place on 24th and 25th October 2018 in Frankfurt. The summit brings together leaders from the various PA Associations around the globe to discuss issues facing the industry as a whole.

Last week, I was reading through the newly updated World Action plan for the Administrative / Office Professional Associations, and I thought I would share it with you guys today. I would imagine, although I might be wrong, that a document like this and even the Summit just isn’t on your radar. And I can understand why. You are busy people and lets be honest, there is a lot of stuff out there for you guys and your career development. If anything the amount of online resources, blogs, PA clubs, networking groups, magazines, award ceremonies, conferences, associations and everything in between is growing! Where do you even begin to find the time to digest all of it? You don’t, right? Well, here is my little solution to that issue.

You need to find your tribe.

There is no denying it. There are a lot of organisations offering training and advice on your career. But, we do all offer something different and it is a case of you finding the group that fits your needs. Those needs might change over time, but for now, have a think about what you want and the support that you require to move your career forward. Your tribe will be on the same page as you, have the same career aspirations, attend conferences and networking events that provide training in areas that you need to improve. If your current tribe doesn’t quite meet your needs, find another one that does! As you are reading this, I hope you feel part of the Practically Perfect PA tribe. This is what I think we offer our community:

  • An honest take on the challenges and triumphs that assistants face every day
  • A fun and informal approach to events and conferences
  • Specific, relevant and practical advice for assistants who think of their job as a career
  • Support for assistants who want to move up in their career and work with board level Executives
  • A blog that is free and always will be free to access and read

PAs are lucky. We do have lots of brilliant resources that really do help advance the profession and provide wonderful training, which brings me back to the World Administrators Summit. The people involved in the Summit may not be part of your tribe, you may not be a member of an association, but they are thought leaders and are pushing for change particularly around recognition and education. Every PA should be aware of their efforts. The World Action plan is well worth a read. It sets out their objectives for the industry and suggests objectives for individual PAs. Many of you struggle to write your yearly objectives and this document will really help you with that! Lastly, like anything. If you don’t know what is going on in your world you can’t do much to change it. After reading the document, if you think they are missing anything, why not suggest a topic for the next Summit in Hamburg?

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