In a time where the majority of emphasis is placed on finding the best price, the easy route is to choose the cheapest option when booking your executive travel, especially when it comes to airport transfers, be it a group or individual.

However, there are several factors which could lead to a compromising situation. Total Chauffeur Service, an Independent, privately owned Ground Transportation Company based in London, UK breaks down the key elements in prioritising your colleagues’ safety and wellbeing over the cheapest available cost.

Driver Safety

There are over 100,000 private hire drivers in London alone, which inevitably is going to create a price war in the market. Larger companies are using this statistic to drive prices down, at the expense of the driver themselves. The cheaper the price, the lower fare for the driver.

This has a vast knock on effect on the driver profile within London. We are seeing an uptrend in uninsured PCO drivers which in itself is arguably the most dangerous of all the implications. And other elements such as vehicle maintenance, cleanliness and durability are also being compromised.

As a company, our management team holds over 25 years in the industry, TCS pride themselves on regular vehicle and driver vetting as well as holding high levels of Public, Employee and Motor insurance.

Driver Knowledge

Imagine a pilot, who didn’t know where they were going! Would you get on the plane? Sounds silly, doesn’t it?

The same principle is applicable to private hire drivers. When I take a ride with a driver, who doesn’t know the route or quite simply hasn’t bothered to put the effort into studying the route it makes me uncomfortable and nervous, not a situation I would place my boss in.

It takes years of experience for an executive level chauffeur to store the knowledge of every road and turn in the city – including understanding the best routing at certain times of day/year and when they are in charge of transporting HNWI and Board Level executives to meetings that could potentially be worth millions of pounds, it is essential.

Our chauffeurs have a minimum of 5 years corporate chauffeuring. They must display a certain high level of road knowledge and must travel without the use of satellite navigation GPS.

Every chauffeur speaks clear and fluent English and is trained for customer service levels, including meet and greet services, luggage handling and discretion.

Personal Service

Yes, apps are easy! And they are a fully integrated part of society. Whilst they make lives easy for people in a hurry, there is still a constant need for a highly trained customer service business model.

There are still certain elements of booking ground transportation that become easier by having a reservations agent who knows your business inside out, they know you and your travellers and everything in between.

Maybe, you have an upcoming itinerary with numerous pre booked services, across 5 cities worldwide. It could be that 3 out of the 5 cities are confirmed, and the remaining two are pending. Should you book the transport or wait?

At TCS, not only would you have a designated email and telephone contact but you can pre book services and edit/amend the journeys however you need. What’s better, all services will be combined into one manageable invoice and billed back to you in GBP making the job of expenses simple. We will always answer your call directly and will reply to any emails that are sent within 30 minutes.

Why you should use a trusted ground transportation company for your Executive's travel


Can you negotiate on price with App based booking systems? Or receive free vehicle upgrades? Or request no air fresheners in the vehicle? Could you book transport for a board meeting, requiring 25 different movements? The answer to all of these questions are, no.

Whilst serving a purpose, these services are ultimately inflexible.

When you deal with an independent company, who have staff to manage every aspect of the client’s needs, you will find a level of flexibility that becomes easier to manage. TCS receives several requests each day from clients who require additional help, do not want to be contacted by a certain method, requests a specific driver, like to be met at a specific part of the airport etc.

All of these requests are dealt with fast and efficiently and add to each traveller’s individual booking profile, meaning next journey, you do not even have to mention it – it will be automatically sent to the driver.

If you have a large volume of transportation or a small spend, it is easier to negotiate a fixed cost for services through a company who you can trust. These prices will not be increased at all and most importantly, you will receive full transparency of the breakdown of rates.

Total Chauffeur Service is a privately owned provider of high quality chauffeured services at competitive rates. Providing over 20,000 movements each year, we are a leader in our field – connecting the everyday traveller to ground transportation solutions across the globe. We are trusted by over 100 corporate multinational organisations across the globe.

Our Range of Services

  • Business Chauffeuring – TCS provides a complete corporate service for your executives, guests and VIP travellers
  • Roadshows – TCS is a leader in the provision of Roadshow transportation for many major financial organisations.
  • Event and Conference Transport – Our experience, reach and availability covers event transport for 6 to 6000 people, globally.
  • Worldwide Services – We can provide chauffeur service in over 300 cities worldwide
  • Airport Transfers – TCS offers competitively priced airport transfer services to all major global airports

What we can offer..

  • Personal, 24/7 reservation access
  • Business Travel Accounts
  • Fast and efficient booking confirmations
  • Access to our global network (Trusted and regulated partner base)
  • Dedicated Account Manager & Event transport co-ordinator at no extra cost
  • Meet and greet chauffeur service with every journey
  • Fresh Water in every vehicle
  • Invoice consolidation
  • Event Staff – Greeters, Hosts/Hostesses, Airport Coordinators

For a free review of your ground transportation services or to speak to us regarding any upcoming requirements, please contact Daniel Jones, Sales Director at: +44 (0)2072642263 or

Why you should use a trusted ground transportation company for your Executive's travel

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