Today, I thought I would give you guys a quick update on our crowdfunding project and tell you a little more about the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit Hub.

The Virtual Summit is an online event for Personal Assistants which will take place on Friday 20th October. We are currently crowdfunding for the event and hope to reach our target of 100 pledges by the 1st June. So far, after only three weeks, we have over 70% pledged!

As well as individual tickets we are looking to have a few Official Hubs for PA networks.

What is a Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit Hub?

Well, a Hub is the opportunity for your PA network (whether that is a regional network, internal network or group of PA colleagues in your organisation) to get together to watch and interact with the main Virtual Summit. We provide a Hub Pack that will help you structure your discussions and breakouts during the summit. You will also have the opportunity to feedback and interact with the 100s, possibly 1000s of PAs watching online.

All you will need to set up a Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit Hub is a meeting room, a computer, a projector / plasma and access to Wi-Fi! The Hub pass is unlimited, so you can invite all of your PA colleagues (including client PAs) along and engage with each other and the amazing content.

To sum up, the hub includes:

  • An official licence for you to have an unlimited number of participants at your Hub
  • The opportunity to host your Official Hub in your offices or off-site
  • Direct access to the “Social Sidekick” who will be running the interactive elements on the day of the Summit
  • Receive a HOW TO RUN A HUB organiser pack which will include exceptionally useful and detailed information on:
    • Setting up the room
    • What to do to make the most of content covered on the day
    • How to best follow up attendees after the summit
    • How best to engage with the virtual summit on the day

The individual ticket for the Virtual Summit is £50 and the official hub ticket is just £250. 

We believe our Hubs offer an excellent opportunity for internal PA networks to get together for the day, and to use the content to develop their careers. We also believe that the hubs will be used to improve relationships between assistants. What better way to strengthen relationships between your important contacts?

At the cost of £250 for a day’s training, for an unlimited number of PAs, this is exceptionally good value for your organisation.

We are crowdfunding for the summit so we need your support and your pledges ASAP and certainly before the 1st June to make this amazing event happen!

If you would like to sign up your network, please visit the crowdfund page here.

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One comment

  • Erin Rauser May 16, 2017  

    As I’m based in the U.S., are you able to provide a rough estimate of the cost for an individual ticket in US$, please?

    Thank you!