Practically Perfect PA has now been up and running for 5 years. Over that time, I have seen the blog grow and grow and grow! There are now over 11,000 of you signed up to the blog posts and newsletters and we attract over 90,000 visitors each month on the website. That’s a lot of people! I still do the bulk of the work, which I absolutely bloody love, but sometimes a gal needs a little help! So, at the beginning of this year I asked a few assistants who I think are fantastic to sit on The Practically Perfect PA Advisory Panel and… Well… Advise me on areas of the blog, the industry and stuff that they think you guys will like to know.

So without further ado, here are the new members of the Practically Perfect PA Advisory panel (round of applause please):

The Practically Perfect PA Advisory Panel

Bethany Burns

Originally from Southern California, Bethany began her career as a flight attendant in Santa Barbara, where she quickly gained an appreciation for detailed organisation in a fast-paced environment. From there she moved on to insurance, first in the real estate realm and then in the healthcare industry. Through supporting a variety of VPs in different sectors and business markets, she honed in on developing an exemplary discretionary sensibility, creative solutions and a strategic mindset.

After moving to Scotland, she was keen to take on the challenges and opportunities that come with working in a different country, beginning with an oil and gas firm. Now as First Mate to the Captain at BrewDog PLC, Bethany draws on her previous experiences to implement an efficient and proactive approach with a focus on quick adaptation in an ever-changing business landscape.

Read Bethany’s brilliant Day in the Life to get a bit more of an understanding about her incredible role. 

Simone White 

Office administration and organisation are my areas of expertise, having worked in this professional field for over 16 years.  I have worked on reception, secretarial, event and project management teams during this time and had almost every title from Receptionist to Director of Administration. Being highly organised means that you are often given a lot of project work to do, as this takes someone who is organised, a good communicator and has the ability to manage stakeholders effectively. I enjoy connecting with different people on various projects and my role allows me to do this daily.   I am Founder and Chair of Assistant Community EMEA (ACE) which is the assistant network for the EMEA region at BlackRock.

Simone’s day in the life gives a little more information on how she juggles family life and a demanding role at BlackRock. Simone has just had another baby so expect a few more updates on how she is managing life as a mum of two!

Roxanne Smith 

The Practically Perfect PA Advisory Panel

For the past 5 years, Roxanne has worked as the Personal Assistant for the Managing Director of Tilda. Though she spent 3 years studying Film, her other great passion lies in food and food innovation. Roxanne is an advocate for the PA industry and has contributed to free resources offering advice on various topics for the modern PA.

Roxanne is always full of brilliant ideas and is a fantastic writer. Here is her blog post on meeting venues.

Lorraine Stone

The Practically Perfect PA Advisory Panel

Lorraine is an Executive Assistant with almost 20 years’ experience working with high-achieving “24/7” senior executives in large, international companies. Lorraine was a Finalist for WeAreTheCity’s Rising Star EA & PA of the Year 2016; featured in the BBC World Service for “The Rise of the Executive PA” programme; speaker at Assist conference, February 2016 and a video-interviewee for a personal branding course for EAs and PAs.  A former trainer, Lorraine’s role as an EA has grown into one of champion and mentor. Lorraine is also a blogger and has written many articles on the PA profession. 

Claudia Ferreres 

Claudia discovered her passion for Fine Dining while studying for the degree in Public Relations and Advertising in Barcelona.

After working experiences in Berlin and London in order to improve the languages, she joined the Tickets front of house team in 2011. There, she learned the work philosophy and values that surround the Adrià Universe such as creativity, boldness, freedom, respect, hard work, passion and humility.

She currently works for Albert Adrià as Executive Assistant and Communications Manager of elBarri group (Tickets 1*, Pakta 1*, Hoja Santa 1*, Bodega 1900, Niño Viejo and Enigma) as well as coordinating external projects and speech writing for Gastronomy Conferences. What she likes most about her job is the highly creative and inspiring environment.

In her free time, she likes to watch Ted Talks and learn new things (mostly Fine Dining related but not necessarily).

Claudia is an incredibly hard working and dedicated Assistant, here is her amazing day in the life.

Polly Hadden-Paton

After graduating from Oxford Media and Business School 8 years ago, Polly moved to London and begun her career working as a PA for Lily Allen. Here she met her wonderful friend and business partner, Vicky Silverthorn, who runs a sister company You Need A Vicky. Since setting up YNAPA in 2013, Polly has been a private PA to a variety of clients from models, presenters, singers and sports players, to business men and women, stay at home parents, young adults and so on.

Polly and her team are dedicated to looking after others, ensuring their clients’ lives are run as smoothly as possible. A lot of people, perhaps don’t want or need a full-time PA, but need some extra support nonetheless. They realise that by using this efficient ‘pay as you go’ PA service, they can accomplish a huge amount in a small space, time, clearing their ‘action lists’ and in turn clearing their minds!

Polly and her colleague Vicky have appeared in numerous publications talking about their growing businesses. Here is just one such interview with ES Magazine.

Thanks to all of the Practically Perfect PA advisory panel members for helping out with the blog. Expect to hear more from the panel over the next few months.

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