What is Any.do?

Any.do is a productivity app that helps organise every aspect of your life. It is available for free on most platforms, including Apple and Android, web and desktop.

What does it do?

Like most ‘life management’ apps Any.do helps users organise their tasks, set reminders and make to-do lists. It also has a calendar function that synchronises with your lists. You can send tasks to other people, it synchronises with other calendars (iCal, Google Calendar etc.) and you can capture tasks with voice recognition. Here are a few more details from the Any.do folks…

Any.do is available anytime, anywhere, on any device. It’s always ready to take your notes or remind you what you need to be doing.

  • Keep all events, tasks, lists and reminders in one place
  • Lightning fast sync across Android, iOS, web and desktop
  • Share lists and assign tasks to get more done, faster
  • Smart widgets keep it all at your fingertips

Technology of the week: Any.do

Why does it benefit assistants?

There are loads of productivity / life management tools on the market and each assistant should pick one that works for them. Overall, they do benefit assistants enormously and I like Any.do because it is pretty simple to use, it looks clean and modern and it is available on a number of platforms. I like the voice recognition element. This might come in handy during meetings with your boss, or when taking minutes, or when someone randomly stops you in the middle of a corridor to ask for something.

Why is it Practically Perfect PA’s tech of the week?

Assistants have to remember a lot of stuff… Stuff for us, stuff for other people, important stuff! Unless we have some kind of superhuman power (which we do, but that’s another blog) we need tools to help us remember all the stuff.