The Practically Perfect PA supplier of the week is Tripmate. Here is everything you need to know about this new corporate travel booking platform.

Supplier of the week is Tripmate

What is Tripmate?

Tripmate is a corporate booking platform which combines rich content, fantastic rates and simplicity for the end user meaning you can book flights, hotels and car hire utilising our contracted rates quickly and efficiently saving time and money.

Why should you use Tripmate?

If you book travel, then Tripmate is for you. Our system gives you access to over 400 Airlines and 88,000 hotel and car hire providers in more than 23,000 locations. You’re able to add all those necessities like seat numbers, meal requests and frequent flyer numbers and we can implement a travel policy to suit your requirements to ensure everyone books within finance budgets.

Supplier of the week is Tripmate

The system is mobile friendly which means you can book on the go. We have a finance centre which gives you access to invoices, statements and those all-important spend reports and all travellers have access to “Tripcase”, our mobile travel app that keeps your travellers up to date with the latest flight delays, gate and time changes with direct notifications. Tripmate will also alert you during the booking process if you are travelling anywhere that may require a Visa which is a very useful feature.

Supplier of the week is Tripmate

If you’re a PA who wants to put an end to those endless flight and hotel searches, then we are confident Tripmate is the right platform for you. Here are just a few reasons why Tripmate is such a benefit for Assistants:

  • Intuitive booking platform
  • Saves time and money
  • Policy compliant
  • Rich content
  • Simple booking process

Supplier of the week is TripmateWhat’s the catch and how much will it cost me?

There is absolutely no catch whatsoever and as for the cost, we have made it as simple as possible. If you are travelling short haul (6 hours or less) within the UK and Europe, the charge is £10 per booking and if you are travelling long haul (6 hours +) then the booking fee is £20. These rates also include the booking of your hotel and or car hire option. If you book a hotel or car hire only, the fee is just £5. There are no other hidden costs or charges.

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