Well, it’s been a week since I launched our new event and here is some news on the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit. I must say, I’m totally blown away by the reaction from you lot. As you know, I decided to crowdfund for the summit and I set a target of 100 attendees by the 1st June. With just a week of crowdfunding we have already reached just over 40% of our target! This is incredible! Thank you to everyone that has pledged their £50 so far!

We still have a month to go with the crowdfunding so for those of you that need a little more convincing that this Summit will be totally awesome, I have been busy working on the event itself and will share those details next week. For now, here are 5 reasons why a Virtual Summit is absolutely necessary for the PA industry.

  1. It can be almost impossible for some PAs to get away from their desk or leave the office for a day to attend training. Attending a virtual Summit means that you can watch the training from your office. All you need is a computer, access to the internet, a set of headphone and a cup of tea.
  2. It can also be quite difficult for assistants to attend training events if they do not work or live near a large city such as London. Getting the budget to attend a conference might be one thing, but asking your organisation to pay for flights and accommodation is difficult at best. No need to have to ask with a virtual summit. The Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit is reasonably priced at £50 – an absolute bloody steal if you ask me.
  3. We will be using all the latest online technology to gather assistants from around the globe. You will be able to network and interact with each other, share your thoughts on the content and connect via social media.
  4. The very nature of the summit means that PAs can gather their colleagues, PAs from their network (including PAs who work for your clients) and Executives into one place – ideally a meeting room – and watch the conference together. This could be an internal event for PA networks, which will shine the light on the training requirements for assistants in your organisation! We are going to help facilitate this by creating virtual hubs where PAs in the same organisation or location can get together to watch the conference. We will provide everyone with a Hub Pack that will help you structure your discussions and breakouts during the summit. Access to the event and the hub pack costs £250.
  5. The PPPA Virtual Summit is a new and innovative event. We don’t have anything like this in our industry. We need to do things to keep the industry fresh. This is one way of doing just that!

I’ve now added a short video to the Crowdfunder page which you can watch now on this very blog. We are well on our way to reaching our target, but we still need your support. Here are all the details…

The Virtual Summit will be taking place on Friday 20th October 2017. Over the course of the day we will bring you amazing training and career development on the following topics:

  • Working 9-5: A day in the life of the world’s top level assistants… Live!
  • Real life job interview questions and answers
  • How to make minute taking an absolute breeze
  • Develop your business acumen
  • Manage your Executive’s diary like a total mega star
  • Assistants as ‘the time manager’: Making you and your Executive more productive
  • Rating and reviewing the latest office technology
  • Everything you need to know about internal networks for assistants
  • PA perspective – panel sessions and real life case studies from proactive PAs
  • Starting out as a VA

With a mixture of live and pre-recorded sessions we will bring you a brilliant day of online training, discussions, panel debates and much more.

Attendees will be able to interact with the summit content through a dedicated platform and social media channels.

All of this delivered to your desk for just £50+VAT. 

If you would like to host an official Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit hub you can pledge £250+VAT and receive a pack with all the information you need to organise a hub.

Please, help us make the Virtual Summit happen! You can also keep up to date on all the news on the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit via our crowdfunding page.

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One comment

  • Sonia Infante May 4, 2017  

    I am relatively new to the EA/PA world and am positively thrilled that this blog with these amazing resources are being made available as a source of guidance and reference. However, I’m in the U.S. and also new in the organization at my current position. Will the virtual summit be recorded and available for viewing after it is over? I know that I would love to access the information and pay close attention or “re-play” certain topics while away from work.
    Please advise. Thank you so much. Best – Sonia