According to tech giant Cisco, 80% of all internet traffic will be video by 2019.

No surprise then that the vast majority of employers now use video as part of their interview process, saying it saves a significant amount of time on face-to-face interviews and gives hiring managers a strong understanding of who will fit in a specific role and company culture.

Video has also been found to have an overwhelmingly positive effect on the candidate experience. Video applications can be recorded at home or after work and avoid the awkwardness of taking sick days or sneaking out of the office for calls and meetings. Insight can also be gained into the office environment, potential future colleagues and the hiring manager at the very start of the process.

For PAs and EAs in particular, where success in the role is just as much down to personality and “fit” as it is to hard skills, video as an interview tool makes a lot of sense.

For a generation growing up on Snapchat and YouTube, applying for jobs with a video will seem like the most natural thing in the world. However, what if (like me!) you don’t fancy yourself as the next Holly Willoughby or Phillip Schofield?!

Read on for tried and tested tips on how to nail your video interview….


Make sure to be somewhere quiet, so you can be heard clearly and won’t be disturbed. Check what’s behind you and that the background is interview-appropriate. Move anything you don’t want a potential employer to see out of shot.

Dress the part

First impressions count, so use this opportunity to make a great one! Office dress codes vary from sharp suits to jeans and shirts, but you want to look professional and presentable. Just because you’re not in their office doesn’t mean you can wear your pyjamas… (we’ve seen it happen!)


The easiest way to make sure the lighting’s good is to sit facing a window, with your phone or computer in front of you.


Practice makes perfect and it might take a few goes to feel comfortable. Talk naturally and, if you can, without notes. Having a friend in the room to talk at can help make things more conversational.

Remember that no-one is expecting you to be a TV presenter or YouTube sensation, so relax, you’ll be great.

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