Assistants have come a long way, we are all asked to do lots of different things as part of our role. However, nearly every assistant I know at some point will be asked to write a set of minutes.

Love them or hate them – minute taking is never going to go away! Meetings are still a vital part of business and actions will need to be captured! Over the year’s I have written quite a few blog posts about minute taking which you can find below, but today I thought I would share with you a very simple minute taking template that you can use for every set of minutes you write.

There are a few rules when it comes to minute taking that I think are worth reiterating:

Minutes should only capture three points

Minutes should only capture three points, nothing more and nothing less, they are:

  • What was decided
  • What was accomplished
  • What was agreed and actions for the attendees

The minute taking template should be consistent

The format of your minutes should be consistent and ideally you should be working from one minute taking template. If your company does not have a branded template you should suggest this to your manager and design something for them, a simple word template with the following  information will suffice:

  • The name of the Committee meeting
  • The date, time and location of the meeting
  • The attendees
  • The apologies
  • The name of the minute taker
  • Each of the agenda items underlined and listed with details on what was decided, what was accomplished and the action points to take forward (with the initials of the person responsible for the action).
  • Any other business
  • The date of the next meeting

So we have put together a minute taking template that you can use. It is a PDF which you can download and use for all of your meetings in the future. Using this format will make your minute taking much easier.

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