Today I am very, very excited to be writing this blog post. Today I am launching the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit. Hurrah, some of you might be thinking, ‘whhhhaaaattt???’ some of you might be saying, and some of you might be asking ‘what the hell is a virtual summit??’ Well, let me fill you in! But first a little background.

For the last three years I have been organising events in London and occasionally other parts of the UK. We have always tried to make the events a little different to other conferences in the industry and we have always had good feedback from our efforts. But, they are still quite traditional and we really want to do something completely unique!

I have always wanted to include the Practically Perfect PA readers from other countries in our events, but I know realistically it is very difficult to get your Manager to sign off the cost of a conference let along travel and accomodation in London!

So this is why I am launching the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit

Firstly, the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit will be online on Friday 20th October 2017. You can access all of the amazing content right from your desk – where ever that happens to be in the world! Secondly, we want to provide our unique content to you at a price that is reasonable and accessible for all assistants. The Virtual Summit is a full day conference for the early booking price of £50. That is a full day’s worth of career development, key skills training, online networking and industry updates for £50… Yup!

What is a virtual summit?

This is the first event of its kind for the PA industry so you might have a few questions. Like, what the heck is a virtual summit?! A virtual summit is an online event with presentations and speakers, similar to a “physical” conference. However, there is no “physical” event taking place. Everything happens online. Attending is easy, so much easier than attending a physical event. You can “attend” from your home, your office or a cafe. All you need is your device, good wifi and earphones / speakers.

The summit programme

Obviously we are in the very early stages of the programme planning, but this is a sneaky peak at what to expect!

Over the course of the day we will bring you amazing training and career development on the following topics:

  • Working 9-5: A day in the life of the world’s top level assistants… Live!
  • Real life job interview questions and answers
  • How to make minute taking an absolute breeze
  • Develop your business acumen
  • Manage your Executive’s diary like a total mega star
  • Assistants as ‘the time manager’: Making you and your Executive more productive
  • Rating and reviewing the latest office technology
  • Everything you need to know about internal networks for assistants
  • PA perspective – panel sessions and real life case studies from proactive PAs
  • Starting out as a VA

If you have not attended one of our events before, here is the link to this year’s Assist Conference to get an idea of what to expect!

How can I sign up to the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit?

Did I mention we are doing things a little differently!? We are currently crowd funding the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit. What does this mean? Many of you will know, Practically Perfect PA is pretty much me, my event organiser guru / other half, William, and a handful of brilliant freelancers. We are a small but happy team! Putting together a ‘normal’ conference is hard work, but organising something completely new is a big risk for us. So, we have decided to crowdfund this event. It is a very simple process, you can go onto our crowdfund page. Pledge your £50, which will be your ticket and when we reach our target of 100 attendees, we know that we will be able to put on the summit. This mitigates our risk and ensures we can make the event as AMAZING as we know it will be!

This is where you guys come in, we need you to sign up to the event in the next few weeks. We are crowdfunding for 6 weeks and we need you to want to make the summit happen! The power, so to speak, lies in your hands! Once we have reached our target of 100 attendees you will be charged for your ticket.

Please visit our crowdfunding page, pledge your £50 and make the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit happen! 


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