The roles of Personal and Executive Assistants are changing. For many, that means increased responsibility and a role that’s evolved from the traditional one they first stepped into. Many EAs and PAs are therefore looking for viable alternatives, where they can be more in control of their working patterns and tasks – and running their own VA business is becoming a preferred career progression option. Is running your own VA business the new career progression for PAs?

PA & EA roles are changing

Although administrative roles are often still perceived as mainly office-based typing and manual management of diaries etc, the reality is something far different to the average assumptions. Personal and Executive Assistants are facing ongoing changes to their existing role.

There’s an increased need for digital skills, such as managing social media, websites and managing cloud-based applications, from file sharing to appointment scheduling. Many roles are being expanded to include tasks a traditional PA or EA would never had to get involved in, such as finances and industry specific processes and trends.

This means the demands placed on PAs and EAs are increasing, with many needing to learn more than the traditional skills they originally needed, to proficiently carry out their work. There’s an increased need to understand more about the

People are looking for more flexibility

It’s understandable that many are looking for more flexibility and control over what their role entails. They’re looking to work hours that suit, without the need to commute and many, simply want to spend the extra time with their family. With the EA and PA roles moving over to a more digital-based environment, there’s a growing demand for part-time and home-based positions to better suit this evolving need. If you’re running most of your tasks online, it makes sense to no longer be tied to a physical work location and to enjoy a more flexible working pattern.

Self-employment – is not a dirty or scary word

Self-employment is becoming a more attractive option for many EAs and PAs. It’s no longer seen as a step-down to your current position or a riskier way to earn your money, but as something that is a more viable and sensible solution.

Being self-employed gives you the control over your working pattern, your role and your finances. You can build a business on your terms, working the hours and days you want to work and freeing you up to have a better work/life balance, that’s based on your unique needs.

A VA business is a viable option

Many EAs and PAs are therefore making the leap into running their own VA business. They already have the hard and soft skills needed to become a successful VA, and with a little investment into some additional training, they can hit the ground running.

Running your own VA business gives you the chance to work a completely flexible workload, where you can work with those clients who best suit your existing skillset. You’re no longer limited to working with one client either, with many VAs working with several clients at one time – leading to more work variety and a higher sense of job satisfaction.

It also gives you the opportunity to earn a higher rate of pay. You’re no longer tied to a set wage and can instead, package your services in a way that appeals to your target clients. With many clients looking to buy chunks of time upfront or pay a retainer for your services, you’re in much more control of your own earning potential.

Gain a better work/life integration

Many VAs have young families at home, and they want to be there for them. However, they also want to have a place in the workforce too – and having your own VA business opens up the opportunity to have both.

You’re no longer limited to working from one place either, and with a young family this is key. You’re no longer tied to your desk, as you can have a portable office via Wi-Fi and access via your smartphone, laptop or tablet. You can choose where you work and when.

It opens you up to a better work/life integration, as you can spend time with your children in the school holidays, taking them on days out and on holiday, without worrying about missing out on valuable working hours – as you can take your work with you, to carry out whilst your children are asleep on holiday or spending a few hours in the ballpark.

The freedom and flexibility that can be gained from running your own VA business is therefore understandably, becoming an increasing attractive career progression option for many EAs and PAs.

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Is running your own VA business the new career progression for PAs?

Charlotte Wibberley

CEO & Founder, VIP VA

Twitter: @vipvaorg