Are you currently a PA, dreaming of having your own VA business? Maybe you’re an Admin Professional, who craves having the control and freedom of running your own business? If you’re currently employed and looking to make a career change to VA, it’s a simpler process than you think.

Whether you’re a PA, EA or Admin Professional, it’s relatively easy to make the transition from being employed to running your own successful VA business – if you take the following tips into consideration.

Give yourself and your business time to grow

The most important thing you can do, to give your business the best chance of success, is not to rush it. Give yourself and your business time to grow. Decide what you can do now, to allocate time to your new VA business.

Could you work once the kids are asleep? How about getting up earlier, to spend an hour or two on your business? Maybe, finances permitted, you could cut down your hours in your existing job, so you can have a dedicated day or two, to your own business? It pays to get some kind of working routine in place now, whilst your financial bases are still covered.

Build your client list, portfolio and testimonials

You’re in an ideal position, to take your time building a client base. Decide who you want to work with and where they are likely to be online. You can then work out what services you’re able to provide, that will benefit them the most – and offer an introductory offer or initial lower rate, to attract in your first clients.

Once you have your first clients, you can start building a portfolio of work and testimonials, which can then be used to attract in new clients.

Build your reputation and presence

Start to build your online presence too, by buying your domain URL and installing a simple website on it – WordPress is a great option for this. Now you can start building a mailing list by using a low-priced autoresponder platform, such as MailChimp.

I’d also suggest setting up a Facebook business page, Twitter profile and/or LinkedIn profile, to start interacting with potential clients, potential referral partners, building relationships and contacts, and raising your profile. Use whichever platform your potential clients frequent – rather than joining several and spreading yourself too thin.

Don’t go it alone

Finally, get yourself a mentor or join a VA training course – don’t try and go it alone. You already have most of the skills needed, to become a Virtual Assistant, but there’s the business side to consider too – and this can be can be stressful and time-consuming. If you want to save yourself a lot of stress, wasted money and time, find a training company that can help you make the transition faster and easier.

The best training companies will have a decent track record, offer ongoing training, CPD Accreditation and cover everything, from business strategy and tools and technology, to client management and marketing, financial planning and working with associates. They’ll also offer tailored one-on-one mentoring and ongoing support and training, past your initial VA qualification.

By following the tips above, you’ll ensure your transition from PA, EA or Admin Professional to running your own successful VA business, is an easy and successful one.

This guest post is written by Amanda Johnson from VACT. Amanda will be speaking at the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit on the 20th October.

How to go from a PA to a VA