I don’t know about you, but I love Easter and not just because of the chocolate consumption! For me, I see Easter as the proper start of the year. The first months of the year always fly by in a blur of dark nights, rain and layers of clothing. When Easter arrives, it is warmer, the days are longer, spring has kinda sprung and I can start to think about the year ahead with a little more focus. Easter is as good a time as any to start thinking about your life choices, what you have going on and what you want to achieve for the rest of the year. If you aren’t on the right path now is as good a time to change it as any, right? Do you need a fresh start this Easter? This blog is all about giving you a little inspiration before you head off on the long weekend.

We all have bad days…

But better days are just ahead… Once you’ve finished that second Easter Egg.

The good thing about fresh starts is that they can start whenever you like.

And if you aren’t too sure, fake it till you make it


Or at the very least

Here’s to fresh starts people and lots and lots of hot crossed buns. Happy Easter from Practically Perfect PA.

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