So, the first ever PPPA Virtual Summit happened! Last Friday we hosted the first ever online conference for Assistants around the world and I’ve got to say… It was, without doubt, the most utterly terrifying thing I have ever! We had just over 500 assistants book on to the Virtual Summit, which is just unbelievable and not something I was expecting when I set up the Crowdfunding project for this event back in April. We opened the event just before 11am and immediately the number of attendees started to come through. By 11am we had 350 attendees waiting for me to start talking to them… ekkk! Through the magic of the internet I was able to communicate with PAs all over the world, watching from their desks, their living rooms, in their PJs and in hubs that had specifically come together to watch the event.

The software that we used had a feature that allowed us to receive messages from the attendees, so almost immediately we were reading messages of support from attendees. They were able to tell us what they were enjoying, if they were having any tech issues (or course, there were a few) and they were able to comment on all of the content. It felt like a real community coming together to watch our fantastic speakers and share their thoughts on the role.

While the Summit was taking place online I was in a meeting room in a hotel in Barcelona with my partner in crime, William (who had his own hashtag by the end of the day). Here is a behind the scenes pic of our set up!


Throughout the course of the day we were getting a lot of activity on our hashtag #pppasummit, with some great pics from our attendees showing us what they were up to during the Summit, here are a selection…

PAs from around the world

It truly was a global event with PAs from all over the world joining the Summit as the day went on. We had assistants waking up at 3am in California to join the start of the conference and Aussie Assistants hanging out in the office way past closing time to watch as much as they could. I couldn’t believe how many PAs from such different parts of the world were joining the Summit – PAs from Asia, Africa, South America, Central America, the Caribbean, Australasia and Europe were all online. We just need to get the Antarctica and I think we would have the whole set!

We are still online!

The best thing about the Summit is that everyone, no matter where they are in the world, can watch the event for the rest of this month! The recording of the event is still available until the 23rd November and you can still access the entire content for £50. If you would like to watch the Practically Perfect PA Virtual Summit content head over to the Gallus Events Ticket Office to gain access.

Thanks to everyone that make the Virtual Summit on Friday, I hope you enjoyed it and got a lot from the content that you can implement into your roles!

We had such great feedback that we have already decided to run a few more Virtual Summits next year so watch this space! I’ll let you know the details as soon as I have them. In the meantime, we will still have places available for the Future Assistant in London in February next year.

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