We live in a volatile world where threats and risks to personal security are an unfortunate reality. Whether travelling domestically or internationally, corporations have a Duty of Care to employees visiting other cities and locations for business.

If disaster struck in a destination your employees had been sent to, do you have a system in place for them to mark themselves safe? Do you know their precise or approximate location?

It is more important than ever for companies to have a reliable and easy-to-access Duty of Care platform. That’s why Roomex have developed an interactive map that can pinpoint business travellers in over 550,000 hotels worldwide, providing instant visibility on your colleagues’ whereabouts.

Accounting for the safety and the whereabouts of business travellers has never been of greater importance for international companies. And now, given that the U.S. Department of State has issued a European travel warning until September 1, company directors sending employees on business trips to the U.K. (and indeed any other European city) are likely on high alert with regards to ensuring best practices around employee safety and well being are in place.

As professionals, we all recognise the huge moral and legal obligation to take more serious responsibility for the safety of our staff travelling on global business trips. The UK’s Corporate Manslaughter and Corporate Homicide Act states that an employer is legally held responsible when serious failures in the management of health and safety result in a fatality. Put simply, what the UK legislation means is that if someone dies when they are travelling for work and a company hasn’t taken every possible means to ensure their safety and well being, then the directors of the company can be personally prosecuted. With that in mind, there is a clear need for more accountability across business sectors when it comes to how companies mitigate risk for staff.

If a serious incident happens, the first question for any Human Resources department or a company director is, ‘where are my people right now?’

At Roomex we recognise this important need and have developed the Duty of Care function on our online booking platform that would allow for instant visibility on all your colleagues’ whereabouts in over 550,000 hotels worldwide.

So, for example, if there was an incident today in France, and you needed to locate your staff, you can log into your Roomex account which throws up an interactive map of the city of Paris and pinpoints the four locations around the city where you might have staff staying at various hotels. This portal provides the contact details of the hotels so you can call directly to check on the welfare of your colleagues.

It’s quick and easy and above all else provides peace of mind.

This policy around Duty of Care is an important element of customer service for business travellers and TMC’s making online hotel bookings. Our approach is validated by a recent customer feedback survey (from an independent third party), which reported that our customers love the fact that Roomex provides this type of online support, a direct customer support feature they don’t receive anywhere else.

Anyone can book a hotel online, but our job at Roomex is to show there’s a better, more efficient way of doing this – and most importantly, there’s a safer way, too.

Business Travel Safety in a Volatile World

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