Becoming a social media Rockstar doesn’t just “happen”; you need to really work at it. But if you fancy a bit of a shortcut, there are some simple things you can do to accelerate your rise to social media rock stardom. Read on…

  1. Use Power Words Power words help you stand out from the millions of other tweets sent every day. They evoke a human reaction such as happiness, sadness or anger, so use these power words in your tweets and prepare to stand out! (Just tap the phrase into Google if you’d like some examples). Don’t think you’re limited to existing headlines you’ve used for blog posts. Mix things up by creating different power word-rich headlines to get people to engage with your content.  For example, “25 Ways to Get Noticed on LinkedIn” could become.  “Top LinkedIn Tips”, “25 Top Tips for LinkedIn Visibility”, or “25 Ways to Drive Your Career on LinkedIn”.  The link to the blog remains the same, but by editing the text around it you maximise its impact and potential click-through rate.
  2. Create tweets that stand out from the rest by anchoring them to your values. What are your values? What do you stand for? What are your top 10 values? Collaboration, honesty and learning all form a part of my personal brand. Import your chosen values into your content and prepare to stand out. You can then create consistency around these themes.
  3. Create a content calendar to encourage consistency. Use a spreadsheet and a free tool like Hootsuite and schedule 4 tweets or more a day.  You can then implement consistent themes such as motivational post, blog post, or a quick tip. Consistency is a big driver of engagement, so expect to see results fast! Hashtags that align with working weekdays are popular and help you structure your content. #mondaymotivation #tuesdaytips, #wednesdaywisdom, #thursdaythoughts or #TBT (Throwback Thursday), #fridayfeeling and #FF.
  4. Engage with influencers. Who are the influencers in your industry? Engage with them by reading their blog posts or watching their video and telling them how much you enjoyed it and what you learned.  When they respond and like or retweet it, your message will get more exposure to their audience and elevate your positioning in the marketplace. Evoke the law of reciprocity – like and retweet industry influencers’ tweets and add a comment saying “Great content, make sure you check it out” or “love your blog / video, keep up the great tips”. Share the love and the love will come back to you!
  5. Participate in Twitter chats. They’re a terrific way to engage with like-minded people. Lasting for 30 minutes or a full hour, Twitter chats involve people getting together on a certain day and time to discuss a specific topic and use a specific hashtag. A Google search will help you find Twitter chats in your industry on a topic relevant to your audience, or check out Others in the chat will respond and like, retweet your content and give you more engagement. People will also start to know, like and trust you if you show up regularly to tweet chats, then once you’ve built up a following you can create your own Twitter chat.
  6. Use correct hashtags – hashtags are to Twitter as keywords are to Google. For best results, use only two hashtags at the end of tweets. can help you find the right hashtags with minimal effort; you can use a free version and sign in with Twitter. It will help you find good, great and overused hashtags. Make sure you use the great ‘hot’ hashtags; lots of people search for them, so they’re a good way to get more engagement.
  7. Respond to notifications and you’ll turbo charge your engagement. Take the time to respond to people who like, retweet, add you to lists and engage in conversations; you’ll get more reach by engaging in conversations. The human touch pays dividends! If someone liked one of your posts why not tweet them with “glad you liked my blog – what was your biggest takeaway?” to start a conversation. If you are the one asking questions, you are driving the conversation and may be able to guide people down the sales funnel if they are a good fit.  Take the chat offline if you have a service which may help them.
  8. Leverage peak hours. 11am – 1pm is the most popular time for tweets, but do consider your audience’s time-zone. Also try some tweets between 8-11pm. There are some great tweet chats going on during these hours! Check out for some more information on this.
  9. Ask genuine questions – treat people the same way as you would offline and engage in a human way. You’ll build rapport and trust, and gain respect. Ask questions – what brings you here? What are you trying to achieve? Simply put, just ask the questions you’d ask in real life. People like to talk about themselves so give them the opportunity and don’t force them into your sales funnel. You can reach out via Direct Message if you don’t want to do it in the feed.
  10. Use images to ramp up your engagement. Well-chosen images are proven to increase engagement by an amazing 313%.  What’s more, you can tag up to 10 people in each image, giving you the chance to amplify your engagement even more.  If you want to create your own images check out – I mention this site a lot and that’s because it’s invaluable for social media!

There you have it. A Smörgåsbord of choices to go interstellar with your Twitter engagement and have fun while you’re doing it. I’d love to know how you get on, tweet me at @superconnector to let me know!

This is a guest post from Jennifer Corcoran:

10 Strategies to help you Tweet like a Social Media Rockstar

Jennifer Corcoran is the CEO and Founder of My Super Connector, where she helps Executive and Virtual Assistants, small businesses and entrepreneurs to polish their online profiles and connect with finesse. You can follow My Super Connector on LinkedInTwitterFacebookInstagram and Pinterest.

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