Hay everyone, I hope you had a lovely Christmas and New Year! I have been busy busy busy over the festive season sprucing up the website, giving it a bit of a spring clean and adding a few new touches here and there. Basically I have completely changed the website! Why you might ask?Well, some might say that I happen to get bored pretty easily and want to change things on a fairly regular basis… Other’s might say the old blog needed modernisation and a new fresh look… I couldn’t possibly comment. What I can tell you about is our funky new features and how to navigate the new new website.

Over the last year I have been regularly adding new features to the blog. We have our monthly A Day in the Life post which can now be found under the new PA Perspective section. This part of the website will contain all of our guest posts (which I am hoping to increase this year) and your thoughts on the role, the challenges and triumphs we face as assistants and ideas to move the industry forward.

I have added more categories to the Career Development section so that it is easier for everyone to search through the archive posts. I have also grouped together all of our popular Interview Q&A blogs and a few posts on how to ace your performance review this year. The Skills section has also had a little face lift and over the next year I will be adding much more content around key skills for assistants.

I have added two more areas to the website. Firstly we have Office Tech. Here you can find our Tech of the Week reviews and all of our hacks for the software you use on a regular basis. This page is a work in a progress so bare with us on this one. The other new section is Editor’s Notes. This is the section dedicated to my pretty random thoughts on the role and the industry. I have also included a section on my favourite blog posts over the years and links to some of the presentations I have given at training events. I will add more of these over the coming weeks.

Last but not least we have PPPA Reviews. Here you will find all of our reviews of hotels, restaurants, bars and venues that we have visited over the last few years. Again I have big plans for this section and will keep you up to date on its development over the next few months.

I’d love to know your thoughts on the new website. Let me know if you like it, if you think I can tweak anything or ideas you might have about content for this year. Thanks again for sticking with the blog through 2015. I think 2016 is going to be a pretty special year for Practically Perfect PA!

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