So a few weeks ago I told you guys that we are organising Assist Travel again this year. The programme looks particularly awesome (I know I’m biased but it does!), you can check it out here. We have two key sessions that require speakers who are assistants. The session is called Proactive PAs: Business Travel Case studies and Panel Session and the second session is called Top 5 business destinations uncovered. I don’t usually do this for my events but I thought I would do what they call in the business…apparently… a ‘call for papers’.

A call for papers is basically a shout out to the readers of Practically Perfect PA to see if any of you might be interested in speaking on either session. Let me give you a little more information before you make a decision!

Proactive PAs: Business Travel Case Studies and Panel Session

The Proactive PA session will work like this. We will have four assistants up on stage talking through a topic related to business travel – it has to be personal and it has to have led to a change or positive outcome. For example, you may like to talk about that trip that saw your Exec cross every continent and time zone – how did you manage it, what did you learn from such a difficult trip and what advice can you pass on to other assistants? You may travel constantly with your Exec and have some very helpful tips for those that are about to embark on their first business trip with the boss. What about that time you organised a meeting for all of your team in Moscow and had to arrange the visas, hotels, ground transport and everything else from your desk in London – how did you cope?

These are the kind of case studies we are after – I’m sure you all have a load of examples you can share!

Now this isn’t to scare you or put you off but we are going to use a presentation style called Pecha Kucha. This style of presentation is to ensure that the speakers keep things snappy and it is kinda fun. The basic premise is that the speaker has 20 images playing each for 20 second while they present the case study. The images help tell the story. This means that each PA will only speak for just under 7 minutes. 

After each of the PAs have presented their case study I will pop up on stage and chair a panel session so that the audience can ask all of the PAs tips on how to rock the world of business travel.

Of course you can attend the event for free. We are also running a speaker training course to help you learn everything you need to know to be an amazing presenter.

If you are interested in being one of the four assistants and you are based in the UK, please use the contact form below (here is the link for those on email). I will get back in touch with you asap.

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Assist Travel details

Assist Travel is taking place on Friday 9th September in London. If you would like to attend places are available for as little as £100+VAT. You can find the programme, speakers and exhibitors on the Assist Travel event page.

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