Has anyone ever been happy about a mandatory meeting at work? Many people feel that they are not productive at all and that meetings are in fact keeping them from doing their actual work. They might even seem obsolete in times of digital communication. Nevertheless, they probably won’t be disposed of altogether, but luckily there are ways to make them worth your time. You can even turn them into greatly anticipated events by including something everybody loves: delicious food! It is not just a nice perk for everyone at the office, but it actually has many proven benefits that will positively influence everyone’s work day. Here are 3 reasons to provide office lunches:

Healthy food will boost productivity!

We eat because we need the energy but not every kind of food has the same effect on us. The burger grabbed during a short lunch break will probably give us a quick kick start, but our energy levels will drop just as fast, leaving us feeling even more exhausted than before.

It is a proven fact that a healthy, nutritious and well-balanced diet gives us an energy boost that lasts much longer and to top it off it also positively influences our cognitive performance.  After all, we really are what we eat! What better reason to make sure that your employees get healthy and balanced meals.

Eating together fosters a more positive work atmosphere

Food really does connect people, just think of all the great dinners you had with your family and since we spend so much time at work, we should make every moment count!

Enjoying a fabulous lunch together is a great opportunity to get to know everyone better. I’m sure your colleagues will agree. Naturally, meetings are held to foster productivity instead of creating a good atmosphere, but the latter will definitely influence their outcome and effectivity positively. You’ll be surprised by the ideas that will come out of conversations held over lunch. People will enjoy the change in their everyday working life and they will pay you back by thinking outside of the box.

It will help to show your colleagues that they are appreciated!

Is there a better motivation to attend regular meetings than the fact that you’ll be provided with a great variety of food? We don’t think so, either and we’re sure your colleagues will feel pretty much the same. But providing food will not only increase motivation for those meetings, but more importantly, it will have great impact on everyone’s work ethics. In the end, we all love to be cherished and we like the idea of our employer being willing to invest in us too!

We all know that employees are more productive, creative and successful when they enjoy their time at work. If you agree with us and think serving food at your office is worth a try, there are several ways to get everything started. There is, of course, the conventional method of figuring out what you need for your meeting, starting to look at different caterers and comparing their offers to find one that fits your needs. However, there is an easier way to organise everything effectively by using the help of a start-up like CATERWINGS.

These new types of catering marketplaces make it easy to choose from a variety of different providers. Having trouble deciding on how to treat your colleagues? To get you inspired we have already put together some great choices for you:

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Three reasons why food should be part of every business and team meeting

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