Even when you spend a lot of time reviewing nice hotels you rarely find a bedroom that you can describe as “the best you’ve stayed in” but this was one of those rare times. Welcome to The Wellesley.

Their website says: “Discover contemporary luxury and traditional glamour in the heart of London at The Wellesley – a Knightsbridge hotel offering discreet and uncompromising service for the discerning traveller”. No traveller would be disappointed with this hotel. The space has been beautifully designed to pay tribute to the building’s 1920’s history. It is an Art Deco masterpiece; loads of silver and mirrors, done so well that you would easily be fooled into thinking that it was all original. In fact the hotel has only been trading for three years.

But back to that bedroom. If anyone compiles a list of the 50 best bedrooms in London (I am nominating myself should anyone want to commission that!) the Penthouse Suite would surely be near the top of that list. It was spectacular. Now it may be that your Executive can’t stretch to the top floor, but every room in the hotel is great. It is certainly a large slice of luxury.

Here’s our review:

Eight Executive Essentials


Super fast.


A large solid desk with a comfy chair. Should your executive find the time to lift their head from the desk the view into Hyde Park would be a wonderful distraction.

Informal meeting space

This is certainly a client entertainment type of hotel. With small, intimate spaces in the two indoor bars and the external “cigar terrace” it is altogether a very informal space. If you Exec has a client who loves cigars, then there really would be no other place to meet in London.

Night’s sleep

Despite the very central location the hotel is set back from the main road and even with the windows open you would hardly notice the traffic. You can’t say that very often about a Knightsbridge Hotel. I had a great night’s sleep. I was a little stressed about the conference, we were running the next day, but even that didn’t impact the quality of the rest.


The service was exceptional. Every room, yes EVERY ROOM has a butler. “A Butler” is of course simply a more personalised form of room service, but it did add to the exclusive feel and part of the experience of staying at The Wellesley.

Family / Leisure

I would struggle to recommend The Wellesley as a family hotel. It would also be difficult to plug the hotel for the leisure minded Exec, although with Hyde Park so close, an afternoon or early morning jog would be a breeze. The hotel very much has a casual business feel.


With stunning bedrooms and a beautiful hotel it was very easy to feel relaxed. If a five star hotel does one thing it should make you relaxed. As soon as I entered I felt the informal atmosphere drain away the stress. The social areas have clearly been designed with the challenge of chilling the most un-chillable guest.

Room Service and food

I dined with an old friend from London in their Oval Restaurant, an exceptionally authentic Italian restaurant. The food was super traditional and you would struggle to find many of the dishes on a restaurant menu outside Italy. We chose boldly, perhaps too boldly, but each dish was beautifully prepared and presented.

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