Event Management is now one of the main tasks for assistants – practically every assistant I talk to has organised something! Be it the office Christmas party, team building events, off-site board meetings and committee too large scale global conferences. We are doing it all! Finding venues that cover all of the different types of events we organise can be tricky. Many of us rely on the same spaces, hotels and corporate venues for our events and I can understand why… it is easier to stick with what you know. However, there is a whole load of unique venue spaces across London and the UK that are brilliant and different. I prefer to use an area that is a little different. I think it makes for a much better event and once you understand how to work with a unique event space the world is your event oyster. Here are my 5 top tips for using a unique event space.

Work with the venue staff

They know the venue inside and out and will have seen how other organisations have made the best use of the space. Go on a few site visits and pick their brains because they might think of a few ideas that you have not. Make sure you also speak to the chef and catering team so that you offer your delegates the best food options too!

Don’t be afraid to make use of the whole venue

You may have your event in the main conference room but can you use other funky parts of the venue for breakout sessions? Are there interesting spaces for team building activities or private dining? If you are using a unique venue, do make use of all of the space they have.

Include your venue in the conference theme

This is a brilliant way of making extra use of your unique venue. For example, if you take an event to ZSL London Zoo why not refer to your refreshment breaks as ‘feeding time’. Adding a little element of meeting design really will help you make the most of the space.

Don’t assume the venue will have all the usual event bits and bobs

This is a general statement and kinda depends on the venue. If your unique space is used to hosting corporate events, it probably will have all the usual bits and bobs like flip charts, AV equipment etc. If you chose a really different space, they might not have these things so do make sure you ask the staff before your event. You’ll inevitably find you will be asked for this stuff during the event!

Just because it is unique doesn’t mean it will be expensive

Last but not least! Many unique venues are very reasonably priced so don’t be put off using somewhere a little different because you think it will be more expensive than your usual hotel or conference space. This isn’t the case.

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