What is Canned Emails?

Canned Emails is a simple website that has a load of pre-written emails for a variety of circumstances from emailing in sick, letting down a supplier to breaking up with someone…(I promise I haven’t used it for this one. However, it is great!)

Technology of the week: Canned Emails

What does it do?

Really that is all that it does but it is pretty handy! The website automatically opens my Outlook but otherwise you can simply copy and past the text into your own email and hit send. This is one of my personal favourites for following up:

Hey, I just wanted to follow up with you.

I sent you an email a little while ago. I wanted to check up on that conversation and see how things are going with you now.

Just to refresh your memory, I emailed you about: [ DESCRIBE IN A SENTENCE THE MAIN POINT OF THE PREVIOUS EMAIL ]

Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help you!

 How does it benefit assistants?

We are busy, busy people and this website just makes things a little easier. If you over-complicate emails this is a great tool for yo (like sales folk for example) just want an answer, they don’t need the extra waffle we can sometimes add to an email. The templates are simple, to the point and actually really well structured.

Why is it Practically Perfect PA’s tech of the week?

Sometimes it is nice to have a tool that means you don’t really have to think. This is one of those tools.