What is Administrate?

Administrate is a training management solution built for training companies and internal training departments that helps them run their entire operation. Where traditional solutions are focused primarily on the student experience, they are focused on making the administration of training easier, more efficient, and more visible through their CRM, reporting engine, automated communications, and workflow support.

Tech of the week: Administrate

What does it do?

No matter what you are learning or training to do, the fundamentals are the same. You’re going to need to pay for the course, get registered, take your test and get your certificate. Typically the training provider needs to manage all their students, their instructors and do their own marketing. They also need to manage their website, events and courses, financials, reporting and a host of other details that need to be kept track of. The Administrate software allows you to manage all of that online in a web-based tool that was built just for training providers to really automate that administrative burden.

How does it benefit Assistants?

This is a great product to suggest to your Executive if you work for a training provider or if you have an internal training company. If you do work for a training provider the chances are that you are carrying out a lot of the tasks that Administrate can automate, which means you can spend time on other more interesting projects (or go on the odd training course yourself)!

Why is it Practically Perfect PA tech of the week?

Mike McGrail the Director of Marketing at Administrate recently spoke at our Regional Events about technology that increases his productivity. I had a look at Administrate and realised that this technology could really help Assistants working in or for organisations that offer training to their clients and staff. As someone who also organises training events, anything that helps automate heavy duty administrative tasks an only be a good thing!