As a former East London resident I was very much looking forward to my stay at the Qbic hotel. Nestled in the corner of Whitechapel High Street and Commercial Road this hotel is in the perfect place to house East London trendies and city workers looking for something a little different. Walking into the hotel, one word immediately sprang to mind ‘quirky’. Now, quirky is one of those words that can be used to describe a hotel that chucks up a load of unusual bits and bobs, charges guests more than they should and hopes that no one notices the lack of money actually invested in the fittings and fixtures. Yup, we’ve all stayed in those hotels. Yes, the Qbic is quirky but it certainly does not fit that stereotype. It has a little more class.

What I liked about the hotel is it is witty. Walking around I found I was smiling a lot. The small touches are well thought through and they made me happy. Not something you can often say about a hotel. The staff also made me happy. They were very attentive and falling over themselves to help me.

Let’s talk about the rooms. The Qbic has a few different room rates. I was staying in a Fun Room which translates as a large double. This is the most expensive room in the hotel and comes with the most amenities as well as being bigger than the other options. Next they have a Cosy Room which is a standard double and then they have a Smart Room which is pretty much the same as Cosy Room but it doesn’t have a window. The Fun Room definitely lived up to its name. It was fun to be in there. The bed was very comfortable, there was plenty of space for two and a half people. The half person obviously taking up most of the space with a travel cot included in the room. The shower room was great, lots of light, mirrors and a decent hairdryer. The shower was a dream although some conditioner would have been a nice plus.

Eight Executive Essentials


Worked well throughout the hotel and was complementary. Very quick to log in. Super fast.


A large solid desk with a chair which could easily keep your executive comfy for a few hours while they work in their room.

Informal meeting space

Lots of informal (and informal being the operative word) meetings were taking place in the restaurant while I stayed in the hotel. It was very quiet throughout the day and perfect for a meeting between colleagues and clients.

Night’s sleep

I had a very good night’s sleep. Considering how busy it is around Whitechapel and with a major road on one side of the hotel the room was very very quiet.


The service was great. I stayed in the hotel with my son which meant I had lots of bags, a buggy and well… just lots of stuff. The staff at the reception desk were constantly helping me move the buggy up and down the stairs. Yes, this is expected of hotel staff but is actually quite rare!

Family / Leisure

I think we were the only family staying in the hotel at the time but they had everything we needed and were happy to accommodate my son at breakfast.It is also a pet friendly hotel – just in case your Exec brings their WHOLE family!


The restaurant area has a great atmosphere with lots of comfy sofas and chairs. It feels relaxed there and I spent a few hours people watching.

Room Service and food

Room service is not available however the restaurant serves food until 10pm and the bar snacks are available until 12pm.

Why book this for your Executive?

I was really impressed with the Qbic Hotel. It is in a great location, the staff were really friendly and I liked the restaurant space. I would definitely recommend it for client and colleague meetings if you need to arrange something just outside the city. The rooms are all reasonably priced and I would happily put colleagues and young / trendy Executives in this hotel.

Practically Perfect PA received complimentary accommodation at the Qbic Hotel, London. Opinions are entirely our own. Advertised minimum rate per night is £168 (April 2016).

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