We recently teamed up with technology specialists, Brother, to give you a chance to win one of their office labelling machines. It is an amazing piece of office tech and a fantastic prize! Don’t just take our word for it… We have asked four assistants from around Europe to test the product and give us their feedback.

How does the P-touch compare with writing labels or printing them from a PC?

Stacy from London: So much more efficient and accurate. The functionality is great and very easy to use. Was really quick to set up as well. I would recommend this to other businesses / personal assistants.

Bea from Madrid: It is easier and faster. You just turn the PT-D600VP on, write and hit the print button.

Frédérique from Paris: When I use my PC to print labels the aim is not the same, with your machine I could label everything (from my jam and spice jars to all my professional files). So for me the use is not the same. It is a great tool to have both at home and in the office

Anja from Aachen: Much more convenient. The labels are readable for everyone.

Practically Perfect PA readers review of the Brother P-touch D600VP

How does it compare to any other electronic labelling device you may have used in the past?

Stacy: Much faster and the usefulness of being able to connect to a PC and add our company logo is fantastic! No more trying to print labels from the PC and trying to get them into the printer in the correct way which is often time consuming.

Bea: The other labelling devices I have used do not have half of the features the PT-D600VP has. You cannot connect them to the computer and you cannot see what you are getting.

Frédérique: The quality of the printouts and its speed are wayyyyy better than what I used to have at the office. I also liked that I could connect it to my PC and create folders where I could keep the labels I had already printed.
The pre-designed templates were also a big hit for me (even though you could add a bit more or allow the user to download more from your website and be able to save them in a folder to transfer them on the machine).

Anja: Better print clarity and much more features.

How often do you think you will use it?

Stacy: I will use this on a weekly basis

Bea: I think I will use it quite often. I have a lot of documents and folders I need to sort which ones are pending things, which ones are to sign, which ones are to file… and I always get lazy to create a new label using the computer. Now that I have PT-D600VP, I will be making labels for everything!

Frédérique: I would use it on a weekly basis and sometime more. This item is a great tool, be it at home (where I used mine) and in the office too. I know that I would use it fairly often at the office. Its case is also an asset because even though it’s kind of imposing you can store it under your desk and the case will protect the product from any unintentional kicks and dust.

Anja: Several times during the week. Other people will use it as well.

Practically Perfect PA readers review of the Brother P-touch D600VP

Does it make your job easier?

Stacy: Yes – no need to hand write labels and our events are clearly labelled / filed

Bea: For starters, it takes me no time to make a label. Before I only created labels when it was strictly necessary, things for my manager or when it had to look more professional. I would not make labels for my documents, the ones that I use every day, just because I did not want to spend time on it. Now that I have the PT-D600VP, I will make my documents look professional as well.

Frédérique: Yes, being able to label all my jars and all my files will allow me an easier access to everything just by browsing my cupboards.

Anja: Yes – no handwritten labels anymore. Due to confidential documents I often use symbols to encode the document labels.

Do you think every office should have a P-touch labelling machine?

Stacy: Yes

Bea: Yes

Frédérique: Yes

Anja: Yes

Do you have any other comments on the PT-D600VP?

Stacy: The only downside is the size, would prefer a smaller keyboard and more hand held!

Bea: Just that I am very happy I have mine!

Frédérique: Can I keep it???

Anja: I am very satisfied with the machine. The only disadvantage is the size as it takes up a lot of space on my desk.

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Win a Brother PT-D600VP

Remember, you still have a chance to win the flagship PT-D600VP worth €119 excluding VAT, simply complete the contact form and we will get in touch with the winner on the 14th October. Good luck!

And you can find the P-touch range from all good office suppliers or online at http://www.brother.eu/eu-labelling.


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