A bonded team is a happy team, and happy teams are engaged, motivated and ready to do their best work. Did you know, when employee engagement is high, revenue growth is 2.5 times higher, employee turnover is 40% lower and customer satisfaction is 12% higher? Team Bonding is just one part of Employee Engagement. When a team is aligned, energized and working together towards a common goal, nothing can stop them!

Let's talk team bonding

The Green Hat People know that many assistants are asked to organise team bonding activities and are here to help work with you to create those memorable experiences. They look to the wonderful world of gaming for inspiration and their activities unlock creativity, energy and invaluable camaraderie. To give you an idea of how important team bonding is to any organisation here are three fascinating facts you need to know about it.

1. Celebrate together

Research proves that teams who celebrate wins feel more valued and committed to their company’s success. However, a lot of celebrated milestones lack meaning– especially when they happen in isolation. A Globoforce report discovered 74% of those surveyed who had not celebrated accomplishments with their co-workers said they are more likely to leave their job.

2. Share Some Food

Cubist Pharmaceuticals recently investigated the benefits of team bonding over lunch by putting sensors on 30 employees to track the tone and frequency of their lunchtime chat. They merged this information with email-traffic data, as well as employee engagement survey results that measured productivity and energy. They found employees who took part in lunchtime conversations felt significantly more engaged, energetic and productive.

3. Giving Is Good

Some of the best team building activities are those that make people feel proud to participate in them. Time is one of the scarcest resources we have and when you donate your time, it increases your feeling of time affluence. Read the entire report here.

Now there are some organisations that understand the importance of team bonding and some that well… don’t! Here are two great examples of organisation’s that have implemented brilliant team bonding programmes throughout their business.

Zappo’s Small Scale Team Building

Zappos believe that team bonding should happen frequently, at all levels – not just at occasional, company-wide meetings. Instead each Zappos team has a budget to spend on activities of their choosing each month. Teams are in charge and activities range from lunch, bowling, ice-skating, pontoon boat rides, hiking, rollerblading or museum outings.

Sweetgreen Celebrate Tenure

For each year you work at the restaurant chain Sweetgreen, your T-Shirt becomes a darker shade of green. There are also other gifts to celebrate tenure: after year 1 you get a pair of green sneakers, year 2 a green Nano and year 3 a green bike. These are public and visual cues that allow milestones to be shared throughout the company, not just at the individual level.

Let's talk team bonding

Feeling inspired?

If you have a team dinner coming up and really want to take it to the next level, increase team bonding and break the ice, then try the Green Hat People’s Dinner Game. This month only, they are offering Practically Perfect PA members a 10% discount.

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Let's talk team bonding

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