Did you know, on average office workers will spend 13 minutes and 13 seconds each day searching for missing paperwork and stationery? That’s despite one in five decluttering their desks on a weekly basis.  The little things we do in the office each day really do add up, according to a new study from Avery UK.

Over the course of a working lifetime an office worker will drink an average of 24,684 cups of tea, disagree with colleagues 479 times and send a staggering 400,816 emails. On average, office workers will also be on the ‘phone for a total of two years and three months, making 158,982 calls during their entire career. Whilst these figures offer a light-hearted look at our time in the office, they also highlight just how much what we do each day really matters.

For instance, the daily scribbling of notes eventually means office workers will get through 196 notepads and run 282 pens dry across their careers. Paperwork piling up is a problem for UK offices too, with the average worker printing off 343,504 pages of documents over their lifetime in the office.

It’s a real eye opener when you think about how much our daily efforts at work really add up to over a working lifetime. In particular, the impact of being disorganised (or having disorganised colleagues) can be quite significant.

The study shows how little things like clutter, missing stationery and piles of paperwork can really have a negative effect on life in the office. So, getting organised and implementing policies or a filing system to help life in the office run a little more smoothly could be very worthwhile in the long run. In fact, 85% of office workers agreed that having a clear filing system and knowing where everything is makes their job less stressful.

Just how much time is lost to disorganisation?

Organisation comes naturally to some, but inspiring colleagues to follow suit can be a challenge. That’s why Avery has launched a new online guide to office organisation, available at www.avery.co.uk/organiseyourlife. This online hub is packed with practical advice and tips to help restore some order to working life.

And, if you’ve been thinking about an office tidy up or a desk declutter, Avery has a fantastic range of organising essentials that could really help. These include a wide variety of labels for organising and filing, dividers, signage, desktop accessories, cable markers and so much more. Many of these organising solutions can be personalised with company colours, fonts, logos and images using Design & Print, the free template software from Avery.

Join in the discussion about office organisation and keep up with all of the latest research and inspiration from Avery on social media at @UKAvery using #organiseyourlife.

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