Over the last few months I’ve been thinking about how to get you lovely lot more involved in the blog. I put out these posts every few days and I get some great comments and feedback and it is pretty obvious that you all know a thing or two about being assistants. There are roughly 7,000 of you that subscribe to Practically Perfect PA – and you live all over the place! The wealth of knowledge that our community possesses is limitless and I think you would all benefit massively from each other’s expertise. Each month we are going to do a little crowd sourcing and I will share your top tips with the rest of the readers in a follow up blog. We are going to make a start today with your top travel tips… it can literally be anything that you have found that works when it comes to arranging travel for your organisation. To give you an example here is my top tip… Ensure that your Executive has two passports, one that they can use for travel and one that you can use for Visas. 

All you have to do is use the form below (use the message box for your top tip) and then you will feel great because you have helped out a fellow assistant! Here is the link for those reading this on email.


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