What are the main aspects of your role?

I am PA to the Four Founding Partners of The Corner and Office Manager. The Corner is an independent Advertising agency based in the heart of Soho it is where people meet and things happen. I look after the diaries and travel for the 4 partners then all office management duties for the 45 staff here.

What is your morning routine before you get in to the office?

I am not a morning person so I literally get up at the last possible minute giving myself just enough time to shower, dress, do my make up and get out the door. I then eat my breakfast in work.

A day in the life: Frances Hornsley, PA and Office Manager, The Corner London

What time do you get into the office and what time do you leave?

I start at 8.30am and am meant to finish at 5pm but I tend to get out the door about 6/6.30 most evenings.

What does an average day look like?

I start the day by checking my boss’s diaries for that day and the week ahead, check the meeting rooms to see what is going on then every day is completely different but that is what I love about this job it is so diverse no two days are the same.

What do you have for lunch?

As we are based in Soho I tend to pop out to one of the little sandwich shops or grab a salad I will then come back and eat it at my desk.

What is the hardest part of your day?

No two days are the same so there isn’t really a hard/easy part. But as I am not a morning person getting out of bed is possibly the hardest thing I have to do all day.

What do you enjoy most about your role?

I love the diversity of the role and my bosses / colleagues. They are all great, with completely different personalities that all seem to complement each other. The people I work with make the job. I wouldn’t do it for any other reason.

What has been your career highlight?

When I worked for Tate Recruitment I won support person of the year, this was a massive achievement as Tate has 80 odd offices across the country with different support functions and I won – it was a very proud moment for me to be recognised.

What do you do in the evening with your spare time?

I go to the Theatre a lot, I tend to keep an eye on what is happening in London and will usually be at the latest pop up or opening, if not that then just a quiet night on the sofa is always nice.

What is the one piece of advice you would give to other assistants?

Be nice. In this job being nice goes a long way. But you have to be firm. Firm but fair my motto is to kill them with kindness.

What is the one piece of advice you would give your younger self at the start of your career?

Just keep going you will get there.

What would you do if you were not an assistant?

I have a drama degree so I always thought I might act or teach drama.

What is your favourite app or piece of technology that you could not do your job without?

WorldMate – it is an app that you can put all travel details into – I use it for my bosses when they travel. They download it to their phone then I update the information in it on a computer. It is a great way to build an itinerary for them that you can constantly add to and change as need be.