I am delighted to announce that we will be organising the Assist Conference again next year! This year’s conference sold out so I thought I would launch the event slightly earlier to give everyone a chance to book their place on the conference. It is taking place on Friday 24th February at The Hippodrome Casino in London and as you can imagine I am very excited about what we have planned! Here is a little more details on next year’s conference and why I think it is well worth you guys coming along!

The Assist Conference 2017

The Assistant Tool Kit

The theme for Assist 2017 is ‘The Assistant Tool Kit’. What is the Assistant tool kit? It is the bag of skills, competencies, qualifications and hard earned knowledge that you carry with you every day. It is your unlimited pool of resources, it is your never ending Mary Poppin’s bag of tricks. Every assistant has their own unique tool kit and during Assist 2017 we will show you how you can take yours to the next level.

With every event we organise, Assist 2017 is designed to support Assistants, to arm you with the skills you need to tackle some of the difficult aspects of the role and to make you succeed in this industry.

All of the sessions at The Assist Conference will be based around four important key themes that I think are really important:
  • Identify your strengths and weaknesses: Your tool kit is packed full of unique skills and competencies. During Assist we will help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement.
  • Adding value within your organisation: How does your tool kit support your Executive and your organisation? We will show you the areas that you can add value.
  • What is in the tool kit of the future?: We will look at the fundamental skills assistants will require in the next five years.
  • Sharing best practice for assistants: Through best practice assistants can learn, grow and add new skills to their tool kits. We will share best practice throughout the day.

We will have a mixture of formats ranging from panel sessions to workshops, from roundtable sessions to keynote speakers. We will focus on best practice and learning from other assistants. Together we will look at how we can use the tool kit that every assistant has to improve ourselves personally and professionally.

We all have unique tool kits that have taken us to where we are today. We all have different experiences within the industry and we have personal goals that we want to accomplish in our career. But we also have a lot of  shared experiences that I really want to draw on and cover during The Assist Conference. I often talk about assistants being the superheroes of the office and I absolutely believe that we are.

So what about the content? Well, across a truly interactive and engaging day we will look at:
  • The need for a PA to be an all rounder
  • Knowing when to say no and when to ask for support
  • The need to be connected
  • Creating an “All Star” status on LinkedIn
  • It’s not just what you know, it is who you know!
  • The secret art of discretion
  • Confidence workshops
  • The tech in your tool kit
  • Developing the perfect partnership with your Executive
  • Identifying the gaps in your tool kit
  • Inspirational PAs who use their tool kits to push boundaries and move the industry forward

Building on the foundations of this blog the conference will provide a skyscraper full of fantastic content. There will be superhero PAs round every corner, practical ideas and best practice. Learning by doing will be the cornerstone of the Assist Conference.

Assist 2017 is not just for UK based assistants!

Obviously I would love every single one of you to attend, I know some of you are not based in the UK so that might be a little tricky – normally I would let you guys off. But, and this is a big but, at next year’s Assist Conference we will be live streaming the content so that those based outside of the UK can still have access to the conference. I will let you know all the details later this year!

Register for a place

On the website you can see an outline of the content, the key themes, and some of our wonderful speakers. We will be announcing more speakers and sessions over the coming weeks.

We have an early booking discount of £250 and you can register your interest right now! 

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