I’ve been thinking about the industry a lot recently. This probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise considering I blog about being an assistant! There is so much going on at the moment – from events to week long training programmes; blogs to published books; new networking groups to professional associations. There is something for every type of assistant in every level of the profession and point of their career. It can be easy to feel pretty overwhelmed with all that there is on offer for you lovely lot!

I’ve been trying to get my head round all of the amazing resources and where Practically Perfect PA fits in to it all. This has been going on for a few weeks and I really got to thinking that actually it would be great if I took a step back and had a look at where we are and what is actually happening on the ground (or should I say in the offices!) I know from experience what it is like being an assistant but times move quickly and this industry seems in overdrive at the moment so I thought it would be great to get a sense from you guys – what the heck is going on?

So I’ve come up with the idea of The Big PA Questions. I’ve put together a very quick survey (it is literally one question!) that I would love for you to complete for me. The question asks you what are the big topics for discussion at the moment. What stuff should we be debating, what is going on, what should be changed and what is working well.

What I do with this information will really define future events and Practically Perfect PA, so your help really is vital.

Here is the link… 

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