So you’ve aced your interview and you’ve been offered the job. How exciting! There are, however, a few things you should consider before accepting a new role. Here are my top 5 considerations…

1. On a scale of 1-10 how excited are you really?

I asked this question because you can get easily swept up in the all of the excitement that comes with a new role. Your new employer may have done a fantastic job selling the role and the organisation to you, the new job may have come with a huge pay increase and you’ve started spending the money in your head already, or you may hate your current role so much anything to get out of there is worth taking. But wait… Stop… Take a moment to reflect on your true feelings. Is the role perfect? If not, weigh up the pros and cons and make sure you really are making the right choice. The excitement only lasts so long!

2. The culture

This is really important, you must consider the culture of the organisation. If you didn’t ask this question during the interview process, you can always ask to speak to your potential employer again to get a view of the culture. Once you get some details do take the time to think about how this reflects your personality. Is the office a crazy mad start up with lots of Millenials running round make snap decisions – is that really your work style? Is it a quiet law firm with strict regulations and procedures that must be followed – would that stifle your creativity? Whatever the culture is, make sure you are happy to work within it.

3. The future of your role and the company

Again, this is a subject that you should raise during the interview process. What is the future of your role within the organisation and what are the overall objectives of the organisation? Your potential employer should happily give you an overview of where they see your role going and hopefully suggest there is lots of room for you to grow. The organisation should, firstly, have objectives and, secondly, they should give you confidence in the security of your job. If your employer doesn’t really answer these questions it should give you pause for thought before accepting the role.

4. The relationship between you and your Executive

As an assistant you have to work very closely with your Executive(s). It is really important that you get on and can work well together. Obviously, this is a little difficult to tell during the interview process, but if you ask the right questions you should get an insight into their personality. Before accepting the job do consider if you can work closely with this person. If you are not sure, it might not be the best role for you.

5. salary and reward

I put salary and reward last because although it is important (it made my top 5 after all!) it is not as important as some other considerations. At the end of the day, we all work to pay our bills and have a roof over our head. This goes without saying. But, once you get past the salary you need to live comfortably there are other considerations because it can be hard to stay in a role you hate despite the pay being good. Reward packages are slightly different. I think it is important to consider the benefits offered by the employer because that reflects how they treat their staff. Make sure you have a good look through your benefit package and consider what impact it has on your life. If the rewards and salary do make a big difference, but the role isn’t great, make sure you can cope with the pressure that can come from not particularly enjoying your job.

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