The key to success in this role is a great relationship between the assistant and their boss. That kinda goes without saying right? Yes it kinda does… but actually it can be pretty difficult maintaining any good relationship when there are a gazillion other things going on. The day to day stuff takes over and it can be easy to neglect each other. There are lots of different things you can do to ensure you have a good working relationship with your boss, however, I am going to concentrate on one simple question that you should ask yourself every day – what is going on with my Exec?

So what exactly is going on with your Exec? Well they are probably busy, slightly stressed, in and out of meetings all day and don’t have anything organised for their lunch. You are probably also busy, slightly stressed, scheduling more meetings and eating your lunch at your desk. The day flies by and before you know you haven’t got a clue where or what your boss is up to. I find it is so helpful when trying to maintain a good relationship just finding five minutes to ask yourself that question – what is going on with them? Once you’ve asked the question you can then look at their schedule – are they on track? Do they have the right paperwork for each meeting? Do they need you to be there and what can you do to help with any actions that come out of the meeting? Again you can ask yourself the question and then get up from your chair walk into their office and ask them if they need anything – even if it is lunch or a cup of tea.

Getting into the habit of asking yourself this a few times a day will ensure that you are thinking about the relationship, what more you can be doing for your Executive despite being really busy with the day to day stuff. When you look like you genuinely care about your Executive it makes it easier to gain their trust and confidence which is a whole other area of relationship maintenance for assistance!