If you are reading this post it is more than likely that you are involved in some sort of social media platform be it LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook (I´m not sure how else you would have found this blog!). That is brilliant and I am probably talking to the converted however I think it is worth saying (or saying again in this case) that social media really can empower assistants. There are many many benefits for assistants to be involved in social media activities. LinkedIn has a huge wealth of articles and links to free training. On Twitter there is a growing community of active and engaged assistants who share great content and have really interesting debates. Facebook is a great place to find events and follow networking groups. All in all the assistant community is thriving online. This probably isn´t a shock as many of know how difficult it can be to get out the office and networking face to face with other assistants or attend training.

Over the years I have written extensively about social media and how it can empower assistants. Having  blogged for 4 year and now doing this job full time I can honestly say engaging with the online community has changed my life. I´m a big fan and I think you should be too! That is why I am running a round table session on social media at the Assist Conference this year. The aim of the session is to introduce delegates to each social media platform and talk them through the benefits, the great resources and how to get started. I think it will be a brilliant session and one that will really future proof the career of all of those attending. Let´s face it social media isn´t going away, more and more organisations are embracing social networking and it won´t be long before it becomes a key task for assistants. If you aren´t managing your Executive´s online presence you soon will be!

Here are four previous articles I have written on social media that will give you a flavour of what you can expect at the Assist Conference.

Places are still available for Assist 2016 on Friday 26th February. In fact early bird rates close on Monday so if you would like to come along for £250+VAT book your place now.

Using social media to empower assistants

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