In this blog post we have concentrated on the tax implication of travel, as we believe it’s a very relevant issue today. As a company Voyage Manager provides end to end travel tracking and monitoring services, with a historical focus on safety and security.

In recent years governments and tax authorities have increased their focus on getting their share of tax revenues. Not a week goes by without the media reporting on corporate or personal tax. As a personal or executive assistant it is essential that you are on top of your boss or bosses’ tax and immigration obligations. Failure to comply with tax authorities may lead to fines, bans or in the worst case jail time.

Every country, and in the case of the USA every state has its own tax residency and liability rules. For a lot of jurisdictions the residency threshold is 183 days, which can be quite easy to manage. Countries like the USA on the other hand uses a calculation based on the number of days in the current tax year plus a third of the number of days in the previous tax year, plus a sixth of the number of days in the year before that.

In order to ensure that your boss or bosses don’t get caught out you need to know when they are approaching as well as breaching tax and immigration threshold. Using travel data, location data and user input Voyage Manager monitors exactly how many days your people spend in countries and States. Voyage Manager visualizes the data in an easy and understandable way. It also notifies you as your people approach and breach thresholds.

Voyage Manager has the tax residency threshold for all countries and states built into the platform, but you can also set up your own thresholds and be alerted when approaching and breaching these.

The Voyage Manager platform is a great planning tool for ensuring your boss or bosses are tax and immigration compliant. Voyage Manager can also provide the tax information in a number of useful formats for when it comes time to provide reports to lawyers, accountants and authorities.

As well as providing tax an immigration services Voyage Manager provides a suite of travel tracking related services, from active and automated travel tracking, to in trip alerts and notifications, country briefings and more.

To find out more about all of the cool features Voyage Manager has to offer, come visit us at Voyage Manager. We guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

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