As I’ve said many times arranging travel for your Executive can be a tricky business. Knowing their preferences, getting them to their destination and then managing them while they are away from the office is a time consuming task.

It can take up a good many hours particularly if you are organising a complex trip. Having recently talked to an assistant who said arranging business travel for her Exec took up a huge amount of her time (over 24 days per year!) I thought it would be good if I spent some time breaking down the individual parts that make up a successful and well organised business trip. So over the next few weeks I am going to publish a series of posts which will detail my 4 steps of business travel. They are:

  1. Waving goodbye to your Executive at the office door
  2. Delivering your Executive to their destination
  3. Managing your Executive while they are on the road
  4. Getting your Executive home

Sounds simple enough but actually each step contains much more detailed that we will explore as the week goes on. For now I want to remind you that their are still free places available for Assist Travel. If you do book complex business trips for your organisations the conference sessions will really help you develop your skills in this area.