Yup, that is right my event baby is almost ready to be born (my actual baby *fingers crossed* will arrive a few weeks later). I must say it has been an amazing few months getting the Assist Conference up and running. The initial idea was first conceived in September last year while eating a sandwich in the lovely Cameron House just outside Glasgow. Since then William (event’s guru and father of my child) and I have created the website, written the programme, contacted the speakers and booked the venue. We have also been fortunate enough to have Get Taxi support the Assist Conference.

I have received fantastic feedback from the Practically Perfect PA readers. Assistants that are coming along to the conference seem genuinely excited about the day and I have received so many good luck message and from those that can’t make it. It has been a steep learning curve for me. I’ve organised loads of events before and worked in the industry but running your own event is A whole new ballgame, which involves a lot of concern that you are making the right choices. I’ve put a lot of pressure on myself because I really do want the content to be relevant and helpful for assistants and the conference to be fun, engaging and practical. I am also incredibly aware of how hard it is for assistants to get permission to attend training events and receive funding from their organisations. Therefore, it is even more important for me to make sure that all of the attendees go back to their office with confidence in themselves, plenty of tips they can put into practice and a really obvious return on investment for their bosses.

So far we have 60 assistants booked on to the Assist Conference which is more than I expected, particularly as the venue – The Proud Archivist only holds 80! For those 60 fabulous assistants I can say that they will experience a slightly different event than they may be used to. Following William’s philosophy that ‘learning should be conducted in a fun and creative environment’ we have ensured that the Assist Conference is going to be just that. We have a fantastically creative space with lots of interactive elements for attendees to enjoy and we have plenty of networking opportunities all taking place in a relaxed atmosphere.

We do still have a few spaces left if you would like to attend the Assist Conference and details for registering can be found on the website. For those of you who do not live in the UK or can not attend I will ensure that over the next few months we have plenty of content from the conference published on Practically Perfect PA.

For those of you that are coming along, I will see you next Friday!

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