At some point or another you will book a business trip to Geneva for your Executive or they will pass through the city before leaving for another destination. It really is one of Europe’s main business hubs. After booking many many business trips to Geneva I finally went to there earlier this year. It is without doubt a beautiful city but boy is it expensive! Restaurants, hotels, transport – everything that you encounter on a trip is costly. For those on business trips to Geneva my first tip is to take lots of Swiss Francs and ensure that your corporate credit card is prepared for use.

The city itself is safe, walkable and the public transport is good with direct links to and from the airport along with lovely boats that gently take you from one side of the lake to the other. A great way to save money is to ask the hotel for a Geneva Travel Card which gives tourists free access to buses, trams and boats. All the hotels I stayed in offered the cards and they are well worth taking advantage of.

For assistants it is really important to book hotels well in advance. There are lots of conventions, international events and business meetings taking place in the relatively small city so hotels do tend to be expensive and are fully booked most weeks. Weekends are quieter as business travellers leave and locals go out to the county-side. If your Executive would like to spend a few additional days in the city there are plenty of things to do and see.

For assistants there are lots of things to think about when arranging business travel to Geneva, here are my top ten tips for organising business travel to Geneva.

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