Organising business travel can take up a big chunk of our time with most assistants booking complex travel on numerous occasions throughout the year. Increasingly assistants are also expected to go on the business trip with their Executive which means more hours are spent organising every single detail! If your boss has asked you to accompany them on a business trip make the most of it but remember it isn’t all glamour! Here are my top ten tips for travelling assistants.

  1. Get to the airport early and have all of your paperwork organised. Remember you are still going to have to look after your manager so make sure your trip is hassle free.
  2. Be extra courteous with all the staff you encounter. You might need them to help you if you have any issues during the course of the trip.
  3. You are not on holiday. Going on a business trip with your boss is work. You should act the same as you would in your office.
  4. Have some conversation starters up your sleeve. You will be spending quite a bit of time with your manager, which you might not be used to so think of a few topics you can use for small talk.
  5. Research the place you are going to. If it is another country it would be a good idea to check their customs and if this impacts what you wear or how you should behave. If you are visiting another office do ask colleagues if there is anything you need to know.
  6. Remember you are in control of the travel booking and can make decisions based on what you think is appropriate and will ease any awkward moments. For example if you are both travelling on a long haul overnight business class flight don’t book seats facing each other. You will both want a little space while you try to get some sleep.
  7. Take your lead from the boss. If they immediately get their laptop out on the train or flight you should probably do some work too… as much as you want to check out the in-flight entertainment!
  8. Take lots of cash and a credit card. Just in case. If you travel frequently with your boss you should really have a company credit card for your expenses.
  9. Keep in touch with the office. You still want to make sure everything is running smoothly for when your boss returns.
  10. Show your boss that you were worth taking along and you were worth the cost of the flight / hotel etc. Be extra helpful, organised, take lots of notes and do try to maximise your boss’s productivity while they are travelling.

Ten tips for travelling Assistants

For those of you that do book travel for your organisation we are running a free to attend event on the 25th September in London. For more details and to register check out the Assist Travel event page.

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