Assistants are using technology to help them manage their events and also to make their events better. So I thought I would ask William the Curator of Tech Fest a conference and event technology showcase which takes place at ExCeL on the 19th June to explain how five very different types of event technology can help those assistants who are involved in events stay on top of their events.

1. Event Management Systems – taking all of the administration away from your events

There are event management platforms available that take almost all of the administration out of running an event. Many platforms can help with the little stuff of any event like collecting the names of attendees, their dietary requirements and the sessions they choose. They can send automated emails and alerts. These platforms can even allow attendees to choose their hotels and flights. And they do all of this online. Leaving you much more time to dedicate to the other important aspects of the event.

Check out: EtouchesTicketScriptCvent and LiveBuzz

2. Interactive Mobile and Tablet Apps

Mobile Event Apps have come along way in the last couple of years. Previously they boasted about simply replacing those bulky brochures or guides you would get at events but now they are being used for internal meetings, sales meetings and many more corporate meetings. They can now do all manor of funky things. Theses apps allow attendees to see speakers’ presentations streamed on your phone or tablet. They are being used for live polling and voting and they support questions without the embarrassing scramble for the microphone.

Check out: DoubleDutchThe Event AppLumi Insight and CrowdCompass

And if you are looking for an app that can be used to build and facilitate your executive meetings. Check out: Technology4Events and Duuzra. For something very different to add a spark to your meetings then you have to check out Magency.

3. Live Streaming and Recording

Many of our highest profile events are now being recorded or streamed. International executive travel to attend meetings is on the decline and in its place are smart time saving, cost effective streaming of our events. Check out: The Live Group.

4. Twitter Walls

If you want to merge the offline and the online world at an event then a Twitter Wall is a great way to do it. Similar to Mobile Event Apps, these walls have come a long way in a few years. They don’t try and replicate your phone’s Twitter feed but rather whisk you into a multi media world.

Check out: Lumi CatchTweetWall Pro and SocialWall

5. Marketing and building communities 

For many of the events we run we don’t really have to worry about marketing. With our internal events or our client events it is very easy to reach our audience. And often not turning up to hear the CEO is not an option! But for some events it’s not so easy. Technology to make events simpler is what we are after. Once again there are technologies there to help us promote our event. With Evvnt it is possible to only submit your event once and see it sprout up on hundreds of listings sites! With Conferize you can build and manage a community around your event, it can also replace your event website and even help you sell tickets! Gleanin is a social software that increases awareness of your event and also provides some great data on who is saying what about and around your event.

There are of course loads of different types of technology that assistants can use to help them stay on top of their events but should assistants investigate further and find the right supplier they are very likely to improve the events they run.

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To find out more about the conference programme and to see the speaker line up visit the Tech Fest website.


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