What is Wisestamp.com?

Wisestamp is a download with gives users a rich HTML editor that creates signatures with links, colors, images, and formatting, plus links to users favorite social network profiles.

What does it do?

Wisestamp is available for individuals using Gmail, Hotmail and other personal email systems. It is also available for businesses that want all employees to use the same signature on their email communications. Wisestamp Corporate has a number of features including a central management system, professional templates, marketing and updates and analytics. There is currently a free trial for new users.

Technology of the week: Wisestamp.com

How does it benefit assistants?

Wisestamp is a great way to jazz up your email signature and share your social media profiles. Many organisations make their employees use the same email signature, with Wisestamp the take up can be monitored and  the system can be integrated with Google Analytic for signature marketing campaigns.

Why is it Practically Perfect PA’s technology of the week?

I like that you can include your social media profiles in with your email signature which helps with networking opportunities.  There are plenty of templates available for users to choose from and they can be customised for your organisation. Plus it is really quick and easy to use.