What is Trello?

Trello is a very visual online ‘to do list’. It is an easy, free, flexible, and visual way to manage your projects and organize anything.

What does it do?

Trello prides itself on its simplicity. It is an online tool that allows user to organise every aspect of their lives. Users create boards for each project. Each board can be filled with ‘cards’ which can then be shared with others. Users can add comments, upload file attachments, create checklists, add labels and due dates to each card. You can add colleagues, friends and family to view each board. Trello’s notification system will let you know as soon as a task is over due or someone adds a detail to your board. Trello is free to use and there are additional extras such as Trello for Business.

Technology of the week: Trello

How does it benefit assistants?

This kinda goes without saying. I’ve never met an assistant who doesn’t like a ‘to do list’ and any piece of technology that makes organising easier is a benefit in my mind!

Why is it Practically Perfect PA’s Tech of the Week?

Trello was actually recommended to me by Claudia Ferraris, EA to world famous chef Albert Adrià. If Claudia recommends something I tend to listen – she is a top top assistant. So in her words…

Trello is the best thing you can imagine to organize stuff. It looks a little bit difficult at the beginning but it’s actually very easy!! There are so many gadgets and things to add and play! It’s basically the old fashioned “to do list” but without the risk of losing or misplacing it… perfection!