What is Touchjet Pond Projector?

The Touchjet Pond  is great piece of kit from over the pond. It is a tiny projector / tablet with built in WiFi and sound.

What does it do?

Technology of the week: Touchjet Pond Projector

This nifty devise is a mixture of a projector and a tablet. It can project an image, around the same size as an 80 inch TV, and users can also download Android Apps which makes it a very big tablet. All of the Android apps can be downloaded including presentation software and games. The projector can also be used to watch films and TV. Along with the Pond users are also given a stylus which can be used to effectively make the surface a touchscreen. When pressed the stylus transmits a signal to the projector and any notes or drawings will automatically come on the projection.

How does it benefit assistants?

This is a great piece of kit to have in an office with a limited number of meeting spaces as it is portable and easy to set up. It can be used in your Executive’s office, in the kitchen – basically anywhere with a flat surface! It makes collaborative work really easy with 4 people able to touch the screen at the same time and using video conferencing apps it can also work to host meetings. At £599.99 it isn’t cheap but if you think about how much it costs to install Smart Screens in every meeting room or giving every member of staff a tablet it is a tiny cost in comparison.

Why is it Practically Perfect PA’s tech of the week?

This is definitely a practical alternative to expensive projectors and meeting tech. It is very portable so can be used for external meetings and events as well as in your Executive’s office. You could also rent it out to other colleagues which would make you very popular!