What is IFTTT?

IFTTT stands for If This Then That. It is a website that helps users automate tasks, link apps and control your online world.

What does it do?

IFTTT allows users to create simple conditional statements called “recipes” which trigger an action. So for example if you post something on Twitter an IFTTT recipe will automatically post it Facebook. The wonderful folks over at Office Ninjas have put together a fantastic tutorial for IFTTT.

How does it benefit assistants?

Anything that helps automate parts of the assistant role are to encouraged! IFTTT can save assistants plenty of time – particularly if you are an assistant who looks after your organisation’s social media platforms. Again Office Ninjas have stepped up and put together 26 great IFTTT recipes that will help assistants with their day to day tasks.

Why is it Practically Perfect PA technology of the week?

I have been using IFTTT for a while and have found it really useful for linking my social media accounts. There are thousands of weird and wonderful recipes on the website and some of them are incredibly useful!